'Doctor Who' Vs. One Direction Is The Weirdest Fandom Turf War Ever

There's some weird tension brewing in British-centered fandom right now. Both Doctor Who and One Direction are immensely popular worldwide, but apparently the celebration of two events on the same day was too much for their respective fan communities. Because now the Doctor Who fandom seems to be in a fight with the One Direction fandom. And it's weird for everybody.

Doctor Who's got a pretty big day coming up for them on Nov. 23. It's "The Day of the Doctor," also known as the 50th Anniversary Special, also known as the momentary return of David Tennant and Billie Piper (two of the most beloved actors of the series' past) to the show.

One Direction, too, has a big day coming up on Nov. 23. It's 1D Day, a gigantic seven-hour livestream special in which the band pretty much hangs out with their zillions of fans on YouTube all day. It's a day One Direction fans are understandably excited about, as it's an almost unprecedented opportunity to interact with the objects of their affection.

Unfortunately for everyone, apparently only one thing can happen in Britain per day, because Doctor Who fans are not pleased at the "usurping" of their special day.

Case in point:

But let me ask a very important question here: WHAT?!

In full disclosure, I am a huge Doctor Who fan. I am also a person who gives absolutely no craps about One Direction. I apologize to all One Directioners out there, but that's just how it is; I appreciate their occasional bow ties... in that they occasionally remind me of The Doctor.

As a Doctor Who fan, though, and as someone who has widely traveled through the realm of fandom, I do not understand what the big deal here is. Why the inter-fandom hate? Why all the spewing of bile?

Fandom territory wars aren't a new thing; they've been happening for as long as people have existed. Star Wars vs. Star Trek, DC vs. Marvel, hell, even Doctor Who vs. Doctor Who when it comes to the big showrunner debate. It happens. That rivalry can even be healthy.

Doctor Who vs. One Direction, though? The longest-running sci-fi series on television versus the world's biggest boy band right now? Those don't even share genres, or mediums unless British is a genre (which let's face it, it sometimes is).

The people who want to spend their day dreaming up Harry and Louis fan fiction on Nov. 23 will do so. Those who want to cry over the Doctor and Rose's love on Nov. 23 will do that. There is no day to take back; it never belonged to anyone in the first place.

In fact, I'm 100 percent certain that One Direction and Doctor Who share a lot of fans. My Tumblr dash told me so.

As One Direction says:

And as the Doctor says:

So listen up, fans: A couple of weeks ago America (and the hordes of entertainment writers writing within it) had to deal with the Emmys and the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad airing at the same time. We made it out intact — although our government shut down — but I'm promised that was unrelated. We can make it out intact from this, too.

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