Heather Dunbar Is Back On 'House of Cards'

Oh, hey — remember when Frank said he wasn't going to run for president in 2016 in Season 3 of House of Cards? Of course, that wasn't true, but now he is in trouble since Heather Dunbar announced she is running for president. Yes, Solicitor General Heather Dunbar, who helped get President Walker impeached, is going to run for president — and with the help of Doug Stamper. This is an amazing pairing and I couldn't be happier. While it appears Heather may have a stronger moral compass than Frank's ex-chief of staff, both Doug and Heather are extremely intelligent and competent. And hell hath no fury like a Stamper scorned.

I'm no fool though; I know Doug could be playing Heather to get back into Frank's good graces, but I really hope he isn't. He'd be a huge leg up for Heather with all of his connections. But that's not to take away from the fact that Heather is pretty awesome on her own. Frank tried to trick her into becoming Supreme Court justice (which is an incredible appointment that only nine people get to have at one moment in time), but she knew about Frank's ulterior motives. And there's only one President of the United States.

And Frank showed how skittish he is being about any potential threats to the presidency when he tried to appoint Heather as Supreme Court justice. Current Justice Jacobs has Alzheimer's and already came to President Underwood with the intention to retire and spend his remaining functioning days with his family. But Frank (with the help of his VP Donald Blythe, whose deceased wife had Alzheimer's) convinced him to stay on — until he had an opportune moment to replace him. And having Heather on the Supreme Court would completely stop her from ever getting close to the presidency.

Well, Heather is no fool either. She agreed to Frank's face to take the position of justice, but then made her own announcement about running for president with lines like, "Let's restore integrity to the oval office." And when Frank called her out and tried to make it seem like he wanted her to be a Supreme Court justice for the good of the country, she said, "Is this how you live with yourself? By rationalizing the obscene into the palatable?" Boom! Go Heather!

If she keeps this up, I'm going to be voting for Dunbar for president in 2016. And that's without even counting the fact that she'd be the first woman president. Dunbar is a straight-up badass.

Image: Netflix