Who Is Holly On 'Battle Creek'? Aubrey Dollar Is Getting The Spotlight She Deserves

Seeing a relatively unknown actor in a role that accentuates all of their strengths is kind of a magical sight to behold. You immediately connect with their character, and you can see only bright things in their future beyond the show or movie they're currently working on. That's what Battle Creek is for Aubrey Dollar, who plays Holly.

Battle Creek is about a real city in Michigan, and the setting for CBS' newest procedural drama that is as funny as it is intense. The stars of the show, Dean Winters and Josh Duhamel, play a gruff local cop and a charming FBI agent with lots of high tech gadgets, respectively. They are complete opposites who are paired up by Duhamel's character, to solve crimes around the city. The entire cast is a stellar compilation of talent (including Janet McTeer, Kal Penn, and even Patton Oswalt, who plays the wonderfully strange Mayor Scooter Hardy), and Aubrey Dollar is no exception.

Dollar's career has taken some awesome and even more awesome turns over the years, with roles in Point Pleasant, Guiding Light, Dawson's Creek (she played Marcy Bender), Ugly Betty, Women's Murder Club, The Good Wife, Person of Interest, and Weeds. But even with all of those super cool guest spots and recurring roles, Aubrey Dollar is not yet a household name. Well, that's all about to change with Battle Creek. Her character Holly Dale has a signature crime-solving style, with a very Elle Woods-like approach to locating the bad guys.

The Huffington Post showed a clip from Battle Creek in which Dollar's character Holly is discussing a case with Det. Russ Agnew (Winters) and Holly explains how she witnessed a woman (possible suspect) who was crying and when her makeup dripped off, she noticed a yellow tint to her concealer. She pauses. Det. Agnew isn't following. Then she goes on to scream "DUH" with her eyes as she explains that nobody with that skin tone would apply a yellow-based concealer unless they were trying to offset a blue, like a bruise. It's kind of brilliant.

And once the premiere of Battle Creek airs on Sunday at 10 p.m., I'm certain that Dollar's brilliance is only going to continue to shine.

Images: Robert Voets/CBS; Giphy