Ozzy Osbourne Gets Involved In Guiliana Rancic & Zendaya Controversy For The Most Classic Osbourne Reason

It seems like everyone in Hollywood has something to say about the Fashion Police controversy of Giuliana Rancic's comments about the dreadlocks Zendaya wore to the Oscars. In the midst of Zendaya's eloquent explanation of why it is offensive to associate a traditionally black hairstyle with illegal drugs and Rancic's videotaped apology in response, countless stars have chimed in on the situation, one being Kelly Osbourne, Rancic's co-host, who denied any involvement in the comments about Zendaya's hair smelling like "patchouli oil" or "weed." And now, Ozzy Osbourne has gotten involved in the Fashion Police controversy, too, in defense of his daughter.

Here's what happened: Although Kelly herself has been publicly supportive on Twitter of Rancic and Zendaya making amends, rumors began brewing that Rancic's entire controversy could have been avoided if she listened to Kelly, who allegedly said, "Guys, we can't say this," about the hair comments. There were even rumors that they had to re-do the segment three times before it aired. Billy Bush, host of Access Hollywood and a friend of Rancic's went on air on Feb. 26 to try to debunk the rumors of multiple tapings of the segments and that Kelly had attempted to stop Rancic from saying the joke, which he also said was a written joke by an anonymous writer. Bush said that he "doubts" things are OK between Rancic and Osbourne now. He then delivered this zinger: "Kelly Osbourne threw her under the bus, in my opinion."

Shortly after Bush said this, Ozzy Osbourne tweeted directly to him, "Stop acting like a bitch. Act like a man. Lay off Kelly or we'll be going to hospital to get my foot out of your ass. God Bless."

Yikes! While the controversy at hand didn't directly involve Ozzy before this, it's not entirely surprising that he has jumped to his daughter's defense, even when it's possible she might not be entirely in the right in this situation.

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After all, the Osbourne family has quite an extensive history of defending one another in the midst of their respective feuds and controversies. Who can forget Sharon Osbourne, Kelly's mother, coming in defense of her daughter while she was feuding with Lady Gaga about Mother Monster's fans reportedly bullying her? Or what about Sharon quitting her NBC show after she found out her son Jack had been dismissed from another show on the same network? Despite all the controversies the family has seen over the years, you can't deny that they stick together no matter what.

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Of course, it's admirable that Ozzy wants to look out for his daughter, but at the same time, Kelly may not entirely be in the right here. After all, Kelly was very loud online about not getting dragged into the controversy, which of course, did exactly that. If she felt so strongly about the comments, why didn't she say something before it went on the air? While Rancic absolutely needed to take responsibility for what she said, it's not as though we heard Kelly chime in about this before the public backlash actually began. It seems like this is one of those situations where Kelly could probably fight her own battles, especially since Bush directly addressed only her. But then again, this is the Osbourne family we're talking about, so we probably shouldn't hold our breath for that to happen.

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