The Lady Gaga x Shiseido Collab Continue.

We don't know how you rang in 2015, but here's how Lady Gaga celebrated: taking 50 selfies for a Shiseido Japan campaign. But that wasn't the end of the Lady Gaga x Shiseido collaboration — there's a commercial, too, which will air on Japanese TV in May. According to WWD, two versions of the commercial will be produced. Go ahead, Little Monsters. Be bummed out for the next minute or so, since we won't see it here in the U.S., save for someone posting a grainy version on YouTube or somewhere online.

However, a short promo video has already been posted on YouTube featuring Gaga on the set of the commercial. In it, Gaga wears a gray, off-the-shoulder top with white, dread-like braids, a blue and black smoky shadow, powdery pink lipstick, and some grommet-like eyebrow bling. It's totally out there, but totally Gaga.

In the spot, Gaga addresses Japanese viewers, saying, "We just finished the last shot in New York City and we are having fun celebrating makeup and continuing to redefine what it means to be beautiful," finishing it off by blowing a kiss. Adorbs! This campaign deserves to be shared worldwide. She's a global superstar!

You can watch the 35-second video from the set of the commercial below.

And here are three important reasons why I wish this campaign would be extended to include the U.S. market.

1. It Could Help Redefine Our Standard of Beauty


Gaga is not a classic beauty, but she certainly turns heads. She is undeniably unique and she has always been able to enhance her natural gifts by being daring and thumbing her nose at outmoded standards when it comes to her makeup choices and looks. Gaga x Shiseido could help further redefine beauty trends and notions here.

2. Shiseido is a Major Beauty Brand


Shiseido is a huge beauty brand in the U.S., but it isn't necessarily the most exciting of them all. They could definitely boost their sales and extend their reach to younger beauty consumers if they introduced the Lady Gaga collaboration in the United States.

3. America Loves A Comeback Story


Since the ARTPOP cycle began, Gaga was knocked (shoved, maybe?) off her pedestal. She took her licks. But 'Murrica loves a comeback and doing a U.S. beauty campaign for a popular beauty brand could further curry public favor for Ma Monster.

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