These Adorable Towels Roll Up To Look Like Sushi

Calling all sushi lovers, this list is for you.

These kitchen towels that look like sushi when they're rolled up should be all the proof we need that sushi is both the most delicious and adorable food in the whole world. I'm not just saying that because I'm so addicted to sushi that approximately half of my paycheck goes into the purchasing it on the cheap at Safeway (I NEED MY FIX). I'm asserting this particular food's popularity because the world is so genuinely obsessed with sushi that it has inspired beautiful phenomenons like sushi themed manicures, recreations of paintings in edible sushi art, an app where you actually date a sushi roll that turns into a human being. If you don't like sushi, you are wrong, and not a good person, and possibly also one of my ex-boyfriends (emphasis on the "EX").

In case the simple cuteness of towels alone wasn't enough to make all your sushi dreams come true, there's more magic here: When the towels are rolled out, they also serve as an instructional guide on how to make your own sushi at home. (Unfortunately, it does not come with a guide on what to do when all that magnificent, unparalleled power goes to your head.) Here are the adorable towels, as well as some other sushi-themed products you need for your kitchen yesterday:

1. Sushi-Themed Apron

Available on Etsy, $38.

2. Sushi Oven Mitt

Available on Etsy, $16.

3. Sushi Wine Glass

4. Sushi Art Print

Available on Etsy, $15.

5. Sushi-Themed Coasters

Available on Etsy, $25.

6. Sushi Shaped Candles

Available on Etsy, $18.

7. Sushi Mason Jar

Available on Etsy, $18.

Images: Pexels; Getty, boredpanda/Twitter; ElsiesFlat, collisonware, pendragonartworks, letskeepcalm, ShipkasNansensu, beeswaxcandlecompany, allthepurdythings/Etsy