Where Can You Buy The Dress?

by Emily Kirkpatrick

Unless you've been you've been living under a rock for the past twenty-four hours, or have just refused to indulge in the pandemonium, you've probably weighed in on the color of The Dress. The Internet can finally rest easy today with the knowledge that the infuriating devil dress that has driven us all mad is definitively, undoubtedly, 100 percent black and blue. Read it and weep white and gold naysayers! Don't believe me? Well, we know where you can buy The Dress online. That's right, little old you could be wearing an Internet meme everywhere you go from now until eternity.

It all started February 26 on Tumblr when a user called "swiked," who has now been identified as Caitlin McNeill, member of the Scottish folk band Canach, posted a photo of the mysterious bridesmaid dress in question. Buzzfeed quickly picked up the story, polling its readers as to which color they saw. The Internet lit up with speculation as people became divided in their opinion on the dress's true hue.

People entered into fierce online debates, and most of us assumed a dress-related Hunger Games was imminent. Then, realizing the white and gold-eyed monster she had unleashed unto the world, McNeill was kind enough to post another image of the dress being worn at a wedding, confirming once and for all that it is in fact blue and black.

The dress appears to be the product of British clothing retailer Roman Originals who is selling this now-iconic garment for an exceedingly reasonable price of $77. Which, when you consider the fact that your are basically buying a piece of Internet memorabilia, is hardly anything at all. And if this blue and black number isn't enough of a mind game for you and yours, try it out in one of the many other perplexing shades, including red, white (sadly, with no gold), or a baffling pinky nude. This is more than just a dress, this is an endlessly enjoyable and infuriating party trick.

Images: swiked/Tumblr Roman Originals