How Many Tattoos Does Kanye West Have? This Is The One Place In His Life Where He Shows Restraint — PHOTOS

Kanye West is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, but now that's he married to Kim Kardashian, we get to see his more human side. On Thursday night (early Friday morning, technically), Kim posted a photo on Instagram of Kanye West getting two new tattoos that pay tribute to his late mother, Donda West, and his daughter, North. He inked both of their birthdays in roman numerals on the insides of his wrists. Kanye loves tattoos, and in the photo Kim posted, you can see a bunch of his others on his forearms, so how many tattoo does Kanye West have all together?

There's no way to know for sure just how many tattoos Yeezy has — hey, he could have some hidden ones we don't know about — but it seems that he has five.

I actually googled "Kanye West shirtless" (very important research) to see if he had any on his chest, and he doesn't. Also, if you've ever seen a photo of Yeezy in shorts you know, 1) he has nice legs and 2) they are tattoo free. So apparently, he's an arm man. We know from Kim's photo and any photo of 'Ye with his sleeves rolled up that his arms are pretty much covered with ink. He's got at least five tattoos that we know of, will the inclusion of the two new birthdate tattoos.

On his left arm, there's a long scroll that some people think is a Maya Angelou poem, but is actually a list of songs that have been important and especially meaningful in Kanye's career. They include ones he's performed himself and ones that he's produced.

In this GREAT video from 2002 (hat tip to MTV), Kanye talks about the scroll and the songs he included on it, immortalized forever on his arm:

I put a lot of the songs on here that changed my life, that means something at a point in my career. That way when my family is in a million dollar home... I'll say this tattoo is why we're here.

The songs include "You Made Me," "This Can't Be Life," "Izzo (The Anthem)," "Hey Mama," and "Nothing Like It." Interestingly enough, when talking about "Nothing Like It," Kanye said that he always wants to give the public "something new" and be creative and innovative all the time, but he hoped that that wouldn't be his downfall. 13 years later, he's just as outspoken as ever about his opinions on true artistry (lest we forget BeckGate).

Yeezy also has a large dragon on his left arm, and on his other arm, a huge portrait of a Madonna and child in a medieval style. Though he's never confirmed it, it might be another tribute to his mother Donda, who Kanye took so much strength from, and who he wrote the incredibly emotional and powerful "Only One" for. Kanye rarely does anything without a complex meaning, and a portrait of a mother and child on someone who loves his late mother so much seems like a logical fit.

Same goes for his newest ink of his mother and North's birth dates. He has a lot of women in his life who he loves and is dedicated to, so I've gotta wonder: When is he going to get a tattoo for Kim? Would it be literal? More symbolic? A photorealistic tat of one of her selfies? The last one gets my vote.