Who Is The Flirtual Killer On 'Eye Candy'? There Are A Few People We Can Safely Rule Out

I love a good mystery, but MTV's latest thriller is driving me crazy. Eye Candy introduced us to heroine Lindy's mysterious, murderous online stalker through a voiceover in the pilot episode, but since then, the show hasn't given us many clues as to whom this killer could be. Sure, everyone has their own theories on who the Eye Candy stalker really is, but so far that's all they are — theories. The only thing that we have to go on now is who the killer (probably) isn't, and sadly, that's a shorter list than the one of suspects. I have my own ideas about who this stalker could be, and while I've pointed the finger at both Tommy and Sophia, we still have no idea if either of them is really the mastermind behind the heinous crimes committed on the series.

So until we discover the killer's identity — which hopefully will happen before the season finale rolls around — all we can do is start crossing people off the long list of suspects. And boy is that harder than it looks. Here are a fewEye Candy characters we can safely rule out as the killer... at least for now.

Any Of The Other Killers

Eye Candy's common thread may be Lindy's Flirtual stalker, but it's also a pseudo-procedural, which means that almost every week Lindy is assigned to some other horrifying case. Lindy's confronted quite a few killers and psychos in New York, but they're never her special friend. In fact, the killer often communicates with Lindy through these other crazies, which all but proves that they're not one and the same.


Is Connor totally off the table as the killer? Logistically, probably not, but that doesn't mean he's a likely suspect anymore. While I was mildly suspicious of him initially, I just don't think Connor has the motive or the patience to stalk Lindy, whom he openly admits he doesn't like very much.

Anyone Who Has Already Died

Well, duh. But it had to be said.


I've long suspected that the show would turn Lindy's very clear OTP into the ultimate killer, but I'm not so sure anymore. He's been in so many near-death situations that I'm having trouble believing he'd put himself in them. Plus, as great as Tommy is, he constantly needs to ask Lindy for hacking help — and would the cyber-genius killer ever need to do that?!***

***Note: This may be totally wishful thinking; I'm shipping Tindy real hard right now and just can't handle the thought of Tommy being the killer. Hopefully everyone behind Eye Candy feels the same way.

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