Will Tommy Be Killed On 'Eye Candy'? There Are Only 3 Possible Reasons Why He's Made It This Far

There's been a lot of fan speculation about Eye Candy cutie Tommy. The cop and Lindy's budding love interest (don't tell me you don't see it, you guys) has been suspect number one to fans of the MTV series, probably because he's just too darn perfect not to be a serial killer. But while I've had my own suspicions about Tommy, I'm finally starting to believe that he might not be the one maiming unsuspecting New Yorkers in Lindy's name. If Tommy isn't the real Eye Candy killer, that does leave one huge question — why hasn't Lindy's Flirtual stalker killed Tommy yet?

That's a question that Eye Candy doesn't seem ready to answer just yet. Obviously we need someone in Lindy's life to be untouched by the killer (what kind of show would it be if every social acquaintance of Lindy's was brutally murdered?), but Tommy is special. He is, after all, a pretty obvious love interest of Lindy's, at least to outside parties. Tommy and Lindy just made out on camera during Monday's episode, and while it was for a sting operation, anyone with eyes could see that there was more than just police work involved in that kiss.

So why hasn't the killer offed Tommy yet? Here are three possible reasons... some of which Tindy shippers (myself included) won't like very much.

The Killer Is Biding His Time

The Flirtual killer offed Ben a mere day after Lindy and the officer got together, which set Lindy off on her quest to hunt down the killer at any cost — she felt like she didn't have anything else to lose. Of course, as her feelings for Tommy grow, so does the weight Tommy holds as a bargaining chip for the killer. If the killer knows that Lindy is getting close to Tommy, he can use their relationship to get the things that he wants most from Lindy by threatening to harm Tommy.

The Killer Doesn't Know About Their Budding Relationship

This psycho is clearly delusional and he sees what he wants to see. Maybe he's not seeing the palpable chemistry between Lindy and Tommy, which is the only thing keeping Tommy from meeting Ben's fate.

Tommy Is Working With The Killer

I know, I know — that would really suck. But we can't totally take Tommy's potential involvement in the crimes off the table just yet. If Tommy isn't the serial killer, he could be a friend of the killer, or someone who was paid to make sure that Lindy followed the killer's orders to a T. It would be a crazy dark twist, but it's not exactly like Eye Candy is light fare. I have high hopes for an eventual Tindy romance, so let's hope that Tommy is the good guy he says he is — I'm not sure I can handle a betrayal of that level.

Images: MTV; eyecandy-mtv/tumblr