She Is NOT Fighting With David O. Russell

Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell are shooting their upcoming movie Joy in Boston this winter, and I commend them for trying to make art out of the slushy chaos that is Boston right now. Recently, TMZ reported that the two of them got into a fight on Tuesday, with audible shouting being heard from the set. Russell was said to be screaming and cursing at Lawrence.

This rumor has since been shot down by all involved. A Fox representative said that there was shouting, but it was simply method acting; Russell was getting Lawrence in the right mindset for a heavy scene. Many of Russell's movies feature breakdowns and emotionally charged interactions, so that defense rings true. Lawrence herself turned to Facebook (a rare occasion) to set the record straight:

It's Jen! I know I don't go on here a lot because I can barely work email but there's been a terrible rumor going around the last 24 hours so I wanted to clear it up.

David O. Russell is one of my closest friends and we have an amazing collaborative working relationship. I adore this man and he does not deserve this tabloid malarkey. This movie is going great and I'm having a blast making it!

Really, JLaw? Are you sure you're having a blast?

JLaw has been spotted looking like a more beautiful version of the exhausted and angry people of Boston. Whatever happened on that set – and I would like to note here that David O. Russell does have a notorious temper – JLaw has a reason to be pissed.

Boston is covered in slush, many sidewalks are still basically one-way, and sometimes when you walk across the Common, a gust of wind blows the contents of a snowbank into your face. There are so many impediments to movement for us Bostonian regulars, I'm sure the added paparazzi make it horrible. JLaw's resigned face and posture have become a Mockingjay-like symbol for bitter Bostonians. Stay strong, JLaw. You are an inspiration to us all.