On 'SNL,' Dakota Johnson Talks 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' With A Middle Schooler, And He's Not Afraid To Ask The Kinky Questions

I imagine Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, stars of Fifty Shades of Grey , didn't have a very stimulating — gah, sorry — press junket for the film, which came out on Valentine's Day. There's only so many ways a reporter can ask about filming sex scenes before it becomes a little vanilla (promise that's the last one). On SNL , Dakota Johnson had a totally different Fifty Shades press interview though, and this reporter didn't hold back when it came to asking the tough questions, and that's because he was a middle school student named Peter. Because who better to do an interview on a movie about BDSM than a kid who has one thing on his mind — XBOX, duh.

In the sketch, Johnson — who was tired of all the press interviews she was giving — was asked to do one more interview with Peter, who was interviewing her for his middle school newspaper. At first it was cute, Kyle Mooney does such a good child impression, but then it took a weird, weird turn when Peter goes into detail about one of the sex scenes in Fifty Shades(the ice cube one, for the fans).

After detailing all that happens in the scene, Peter asks Johnson (regarding the ice cube), "Was it cold?" Johnson, who was clearly taken aback by the fact that a tweenager was grilling her about a Fifty Shades sex scene, gives a quick yes, and they move on. After a few more unpleasant questions regarding the racier scenes in the film — doesn't this kid want to know about the glider plane? — they wrap the interview up with Peter reading the "Christian-flavored popsicle" scene from the book. Clearly his question was what her favorite dessert is, clearly.

If you're wondering why a middle schooler was so well-versed in Fifty Shades, it's because his dad (who he doesn't get to spend a lot of time with) took him five times over the course of opening weekend. So that's why the film has made like $500 million so far. Way to go, Peter's dad?

Images: Dana Edelson/NBC