Ryan Seacrest Turns 40 With The Kardashians, Randy Jackson, & Paula Abdul — PHOTOS

Most things in life don’t turn out how you’d expect them to. But rest assured that Ryan Seacrest’s 40th birthday party is not one of those things. In fact, the media mogul’s Napa shindig went about as typically as any Ryan Seacrest production would. According to Us Weekly, there were Kardashians frolicking and American Idol alumni mingling and social media CEOs letting loose, all in the name of the Seacrest.

Further proving it’s only a matter of time before the Seacrest world take over, I’d like you to please hum the Spice Girl's, "When Two Become One," along with me. Now that that's settled, let’s talk for a moment about how Kim and Khloe Kardashian nonchalantly hung out with Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul. Did that register? Fantastic. Now, let’s discuss how the world didn’t explode into Seacrest-shaped fireworks. My only rationalization for this is that there must have not been a camera crew around to film it.

After browsing through the pictures, folks, I have to tell you -- I'm slightly miffed I wasn't cool enough to snag an invite. It was the most Seacrest-y of Seacrest birthdays and I would have liked to experience the overwhelming Hollywood perfection in person. For your viewing pleasure, I've rated the party pictures below in terms of Seacrest-ness. So, if you had any sort of doubt that the prolific host and king of everything entertainment had anything less than impeccably decorated and stellar bash, look through the pictures below and ease your worries. Seacrest only operates in style, people. You know this.

Seacrest Level: 5

Yeah sure, the design is clean and professional. But where's the pizzazz?!

Seacrest Level: 7.5

Because Kardashian mirror pics are great and everything, but they're so0o 2007.

Seacrest Level: Solid 9

Two Kardashians in a selfie with an apt pop culture reference? I smell a reality show spin-off of a spin-off brewing. Kim & Khloe Take Ryan's Birthday?

Seacrest Level: 8

This would have ranked higher if Kim didn't reveal all of his secrets.

Seacrest Level: 6

You said it first, Kim. TOO darn blurry.

Seacrest Level: Perfect 10

This is like a Seacrest brandished unicorn of pictures. Cherish this, people. Relish in it.