Why Is Dr. Dulmacher Stealing Body Parts On 'Gotham'? The Twisted Doctor Clearly Has Some Sinister Plans

For the last few weeks, Gotham has been missing one of my favorite characters, Fish Mooney, as she's been kidnapped and trapped in the mysterious headquarters of the evil Dr. Dulmacher. And we don't know yet why Dr. Dulmacher is stealing body parts. He has a collection of people trapped in his basement that he's using for "spare parts," operating on them, stealing their organs, and doing... something with them. He could be a shrewd businessman dealing in human organs, a mad scientist working on his greatest achievement, or a sadist who just wants to see people suffer.

We haven't heard exactly why Dr. Dulmacher needs to operate on these people, or what he's using the parts for, only hints and suggestions. But whatever Dr. Dulmacher is doing in his laboratory, it's certainly dangerous and Fish Mooney needs to be careful when finally meeting with and negotiating with him in Episode 18, "Everyone Has a Cobblepot." If she plays it right, she could end up back in her hometown, but if not, she could wind up strapped to a gurney and we could never see her again. So far, it seems like Dr. Dulmacher is a civil man, but we could find out that he's totally unhinged once we actually meet him. Here's what Dr. Dulmacher might be hiding on Gotham.

He Could Be Working For The Black Market

This is the most basic explanation. It gives him a potential connection to Falcone, which would explain why Fish ended up there in the first place, and it adds to Gotham's dark and corrupt atmosphere. Since the doctor's office is so swanky, he could be selling body parts on the black market, profiting from the sale of kidneys, livers, and other organs. Plus, this was clearly hinted at in "Red Hood."

He Could Be A Cannibal, As The Comics Suggest

There's a version of the "Dollmaker," The New 52 character Barton Mathis, who was raised by a cannibal father, which damaged his psyche. The twisted surgeon kills his victims and then consumes and uses parts of their bodies. On the CW show Arrow , he's also known for having a bit of Hannibal-esque flair and making elaborate tableaus. There's a good chance that Dr. Dulmacher and the Dollmaker are one and the same, and it looks like Gotham's Dulmacher is skilled with a knife, just like the comics' Dollmaker. Gotham could be introducing a very dark storyline if they follow this route.

He Could Be Building Some Kind Of Superhuman

Dr. Dulmacher doesn't seem like a crackpot, but he may have an even more sinister side. A "Dollmaker" makes dolls, right? That makes sense. So what could this potential "Dollmaker" be building? Some kind of Frankenstein's monster, trading body parts until he gets the results he's looking for? Gotham has gotten pretty creepy lately, and this would take it to a whole new level.

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