What Is Lilly Ghalichi Doing Now? 'Shahs of Sunset' Season 4 Won't Include The Busy Businesswoman

If you're a fan of the "Persian Barbie," you might be disappointed with the fourth season of Shahs of Sunset, set to premiere on Monday, March 2 at 10 p.m. The meticulously put together and styled Lilly Ghalichi left Shahs after two seasons on the cast in order to focus on her businesses and other work opportunities. While it's disappointing to see her go, it shouldn't impact the amount of drama in Season 4, because Lilly wasn't really... a big part of this cast. She didn't like going out and getting wasted like the other cast members, and kind of stood out from the rest of the group, who've known one another for years and basically have no boundaries. It's not easy to fit in with a group as close knit as that, especially since MJ was against her from the beginning.

Lilly insists that she chose to leave the show, though there were rumors that Bravo declined to renew her contract. However since she left Shahs of Sunset, Lilly has stayed true to her word and done exactly what she said she would — focus on business. Since you won't see her on Monday night, here's what Lilly has been up to.

She's Started Several New Ventures

On the show, she was all about her bikini line, but now, she's shifted from fashion to beauty. She has her own line of hair extensions, Lilly Hair. (I wonder how they compare to GG's Extensions.) And she also has a line of eyelash extensions — Lilly Lashes — and sponsors a line of jewelry, LG By Avitan.

She Had An Unfortunate Breakup

In December 2014, Lilly broke off her engagement with Dhar Mann. While it always sucks to go through the holidays alone, there was a bright side to this break up, because her fiancé never seemed to support her business dreams, and never really made time to visit her and spend time together.

She Makes Time To Travel

And she does Rihanna-esque photo shoots on her vacation, too.

She Even Has A Blog Now

If you want to learn enough about contouring that you can look like Kim Kardashian with longer, lusher eyelashes, look at Lilly's blog. She probably doesn't pen each individual entry, with all the other things she's doing, but if you're desperately missing Lilly during the new season of Shahs of Sunset, it's a great way to get a look into what she'd be doing on TV.