Here's a Fashion-Themed Playlist to Get You To the Weekend

Heard A$AP Rocky's latest single, "Fashion Killa" yet? Not only is it slick and catchy, but it may simply be the most brand-heavy song to ever hit the charts. A$AP could be be reciting his favorite shows from Fashion Month for all we know:

Singers have been crooning about their favorite clothing items, if not brands, for a long, long time. Fashion, in songs, is often one of the first things the singer notices about the lover (like Paul Simon's diamond-soled lover, Prince's girl in a raspberry beret, or Lana del Rey's dreamy guy in blue jeans and a white t-shirt). Sometimes the clothing item is a source of personal empowerment, like Beyonce's "freakum" dress or Nancy Sinatra's famous boots. And of course, like Justin Timberlake in a suit and tie, or Marilyn Monroe in her diamonds, sometimes fashion's just there to look really, really good.

This fashion-themed playlist will tide you over until 5 PM rolls around and you can go home, toss off the office-wear, and wear what you really want. Might we recommend a short skirt + boots of Spanish leather + autumn sweater? Green earrings + long cool black dress + blue suede pumps?