Kelly Clarkson Is Planning Her Daughter's Future Inner Circle

I think it's safe to say that Kelly Clarkson knows her new baby River Rose Blackstock pretty well after giving birth to her last June. Well enough, in fact, to do what all mothers do and have done from the beginning of time: plan their childrens' lives out for them. Case in point, E! Online relays that Clarkson already has a sense of who River will be hanging out with and dating, and she can't even talk yet.

The site said:

In a new interview with London's Heat Radio, the American Idol alumna was asked which famous babies could have a future play date with River. Turns out, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby girl might not be on the list. "I don't think my kid would be talented enough to hang out with Kanye's kid. Apparently, not many people are."

I'm going to have to disagree with Clarkson on this one. I couldn't imagine anyone who wouldn't want to hang out with the balladeer's chubby, smiley infant. And besides, I'm sure Clarkson is only joking. How couldn't she be? Has she heard her own voice? She literally is talent personified, so why wouldn't those genes be passed down to River? With that out of the way, we can look forward to the potential friendship. Perhaps River and North could head up a fashion/singing/reality show dynasty. Oh, the possibilities.

E! Online also pointed out that Clarkson said on air that she has a future significant other in mind for River in the form of Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's son, Sebastian. She said while on Heat Radio, "Have you seen Wiz Khalifa's little boy? He was on the Grammys red carpet and I want River to marry him one day. It would be so cute. He's so cute."

I did see Sebastian on the red carpet and he certainly was impossibly cute. With all this talk of future friendships and relationships, I'm thinking that Clarkson should just bite the bullet and cover a modern day version of Fiddler On The Roof's "Matchmaker." Yente would definitely be proud of her efforts.