What Happened Between Snow, Charming, Cruella, & Ursula On 'Once Upon A Time'? The Enchanted Forest Holds A Secret

No one can say that The Charmings are above necessary evil. Sunday night's Once Upon a Time midseason premiere, "Darkness on the Edge of Town," left us with a handful of question about what's to come on the ABC series. But the biggest question of all might just be what happened in the Enchanted Forest between Snow, Charming, Cruella De Vil, and Ursula, and, almost more importantly, when did it happen? At the end of the incredibly uneventful episode, the Charmings revealed that they've got a big secret with the series' new Queens of Darkness. So, what is it that's got Snow threatening to rip out the women's hearts with her bare hands?

By now we all know that, though the Charmings are good people who value trust, honesty, and loyalty, they're tough as freaking nails. So while it came as no surprise to me that Snow would use a threat to get her point across — her directness is what got David to fall in love with her in the first place — I was clearly left wondering why she did it in the first place. There's something that David and Snow don't want getting out around Storybrooke and it has to do with some type of meeting or arrangement they made with Cruella and Ursula in the Enchanted Forest.

But what does that even mean? At this point, their arrangement could be any number of things — depending on when it actually occurred. Snow and Charming have been to the Enchanted Forest a handful of times over the course of the series and obviously, they lived there before Regina's curse forced them to relocate. So WHEN did they meet up with Ursula and Cruella and why did they need the villains' help? If we look way, way back, it could have something to do with taking Regina down, which might make things a little uncomfortable if it were to come out.

However, it might be something far more serious. I mean, Snow did threaten to rip out their hearts over it. It's possible that the royal couple did something below their moral standards. Did Snow enlist these two women to take down Maleficent (who was decidedly absent from this episode)? Either way, it seems like the Charmings have a skeleton in their closet that they're not proud. But hey, as awful as the secret probably is, it can't be half as bad as some of the things Rumple's done on this series. Just saying, guys.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC