TOMS Bags For Maternal Health Are Adorable

TOMS always does good, as the brand is built upon a charitable business model, but the company has really outdone itself with its latest fashion x feel good initiative. The new TOMS Bag Collection is designed to support maternal health and safe births. The bags are fashionable and seriously functional, but for every bag purchased, TOMS will donate funds to help a mother safely give birth in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Haiti, or India, which in effect helps two lives, since it aids both mother and baby. That should make you feel doubly good about carrying one of these sacks or satchels.

TOMS partnered with Every Mother Counts for this program, which includes training for skilled birth attendants as well as a safe birth kit that includes all essential materials and tools, like soap, gloves, gauze, a cord clamp, surgical blade and a clean surface. Sometimes, accessories with a charity element aren't super fashionable, since how they look is understandably secondary to the program they support. Such is so not the case here.

TOMS Founder Blake Mycoskie is a new father himself, having welcomed a child in December, so safe births are top of mind for him. But that's not the sole reason he opted to create a bag that supports safe birthing conditions in poorer countries.

"After years in the field, I recognized a need for advancements in maternal health," Mycoskie said in a press release. "So we developed a program with our Giving Partners to identify two key ways TOMS can aid in safer birthing conditions. Being able to give in this way — one that helps save the lives of mothers and newborns — is incredibly special."

Did you know that unsafe and unclean birthing conditions are serious issues? The problem may not directly affect you, but you can still be a part of the solution. This type of passive do-gooding is certainly fine!

Mycoskie explained, "While in the field, I've met mothers and entire families who have been affected by the physical and emotional repercussions of giving birth alone, or in unsafe environments. We feel it's our responsibility to change this through the TOMS business model, and we're so proud to be able to present the first One for One product that can actually help save lives."

All the bag intel is as follows. There are three lines: Artisan, which are hand-beaded and hand-sewn bags; Travel-Inspired, which are lightweight and multi-functional bags for daily or specific travel use; and Campus and Tech, which are designed to lug around gadgets like iPad, laptops, and more. The bags come in canvas, leather, and global prints and the prices range from $28 to $298 so they are seriously affordable. There are buckets, totes, weekenders, and stylish crossbodies available.

Whatever your preference, there is a style (or two or 10) for you. Why not spend some time shopping the TOMS bags? There are lots to choose from.

Grab a bag and help a mother and child a world away. Is there anything more awesome?! Nope.

Images: TOMS (4)