Would Your Rock Kim's 'AdWeek' Cover Look At Work?

Since it's, you know, another day of the week, Kim Kardashian has scored another magazine cover — but this one doesn't have anything to do with fashion. Kim Kardashian's AdWeek cover story tracks her business empire and life as a mogul. However, in typical Kardashian fashion, Kim is wearing an outfit that's far from business casual.

In addition to wearing what appears to be a latex turtleneck, Kim's signature facial contouring is in full effect. Still, she went with minimal makeup and a slick, high pony. So does this look work for any regular office space? Well, sure. Kinda.

Kim does look pro, thanks to that high and tight ponytail. Her eyelashes are more muted than we're used to and she's not going nuts with smokey eye makeup or overly glossed nude lips. Looks like she cut back on the self tanner a bit as well.

This is how Kim primps and poses for the task at hand and that's a cover story touting her business dealings and savvy. So she can can get away with dialing down her usual look.

So yes, the makeup is suitable and appropriate and she is the epitome of business glamsual.

But that latex dress? Does that work for... work? Perhaps not.

While I love the high collar and the sleevelessness, and I am a sucker for glossy material, I am not aware of many jobs, other than dominatrix, that wouldn't send you home to change for wearing this. It's majorly sexy — which is why it looks so natural on Kimmy.

The dress is a power look, but for a night at the club, not in the boardroom or in conference rooms, unless you're the CEO or something. Why should that stop Kim, though? She refused to give up leather even while pregnant with North.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's an unforgiving fabric, especially in that condition. So I am not shocked she wore a tight, clingy, and sexy material on a biz-driven cover, either, since she was Kim bein' Kim.

Images: AdWeek (1); Getty (2)