Are Josh & Anna Duggar Having A Boy Or A Girl? This Mystery Has Finally Been Solved

As you may or may not know, Josh and Anna Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting have a baby on the way, and they just revealed the gender! And if your ears didn't just perk up in excitement when I said that, this is a call to action, because being a fan of this show is a very necessary requirement for being my friend. It centers around Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, a highly-religious couple who have 19 children whose names all start with "J." Josh is the oldest of those children, and he married a woman named Anna Keller. Now, the two of them are busy popping out children of their own and giving them all "M" names. It's all very exciting. (Not a joke.) There's Mackynzie, 5, Michael, 3, and Marcus, 1, and Josh and Anna announced back in December that they were expecting a fourth.

The baby is due in early July, and the family was full of speculation on what the sex would be. Would it be another girl, evening out the kids' genders to two and two, or would it be another boy, leaving Mackynzie even more outnumbered? Anna describes how the guesses played out:

Josh thought it was a boy, I thought it was a girl. Mackynzie wanted a girl, Michael wanted a boy.

And apparently Marcus didn't weight in at all, on account of still being a baby himself. But, after everyone had cast their votes, Josh and Anna went to an ultrasound technician, who had them avert their eyes from the screen during the visit, then put the results in an envelope that they used to reveal the gender via pink-colored frosting on their cupcakes.

That's right, the frosting was pink, so it's gonna be a girl! Hurray! Gonna start scheming names now. They already have two "M-a" names and only one "M-i" name, so maybe they'd want to even that out? Miranda? Miriam? Minnie? Can't wait to find out!

Image: Beth Caldwell/Discovery