You'll Never Guess What These Are Made Of

If you didn’t have spring fever already, you certainly will after you see this! Bloomingdale’s and Crayola teamed up with several designers (Rebecca Minkoff, Parker and Rebecca Taylor to name a few) and Crayola to create colorful, playful and high fashion looks for their Spring 2015 window display. The looks are on display now at Bloomingdale’s on 59th street in NYC.

Seeing these looks on display, I imagine, would transport you to spring, to your childhood and to an overall happy place. How can you see colors like “Banana Mania,” “Jungle Green,” and “Unmellow Yellow” and not have your spirits instantly raised?

The looks not only stay true to the Crayola colors, they are made from the actual crayons. So cool, right? The designers fully unleashed their creativity with these looks, using the crayons to add texture and architectural elements and also using the crayon wrappers as fabric. Mind. Blown.

Rebecca Minkoff’s “Banana Mania” design takes us back to our schoolgirl days with an updated collared dress, but other designs, like Rebecca Taylor’s “Midnight Blue” jumpsuit with cutouts are more modern. It’s interesting to see each designer’s take on the classic crayon, showing us all the places you can really take them. Crayola + Fashion = Amazing Combo.

See some of the incredible designs here:

Image: bloomingdales/Twitter