Is Maddie Ziegler Still With The Abby Lee Dance Company? She May Not Have Time For It Anymore

12-year-old professional dancer Maddie Ziegler has seen her career skyrocket since she became Sia's all-purpose muse and sidekick. With the successes of "Chandelier," "Elastic Heart," and her appearance in Sia's recent SNL and Grammys performances, her dancing life has gone from "serious after-school recreation" to "legitimate adult career." Her schedule seems pretty jam-packed at the moment, which makes me wonder: is Maddie Ziegler still with the Abby Lee Dance Company? Her departure would signify the end of an era in Dance Moms history. Not to mention, I'm not entirely sure her mentor Abby Lee Miller would ever get over it.

Sure, Ziegler wasn't entirely absent on the current season of Dance Moms, but she had a fair amount of scheduling conflicts. Remember that fancy LA benefit concert that caused to missed that one competition? Or the time that she couldn't be around because she was filming an episode of Austin and Ally ? Is it possible that she's trying to phase herself out? Also, keep in mind that what happened on Dance Moms this season went down in real life MONTHS ago. Maybe she's already gone??

Let's turn to Ziegler's social media outlets to see if we can gather any clues. She hashtags her Insta-bio "aldc" for Abby Lee Dance Company, which would indicate that she's still in Abby's crew.

We know that her last performance with Sia went down at the 2015 Grammys in early February. Judging from the caption of this photo, it would seem like she had an "amazing time." The question that remains to be answered is, was it an amazing enough time to quit Abby Lee and join Sia's entourage permanently?

Apparently not. Mere days after her Grammys performance, it looks like she was back at the ALDC, happily reunited with her dancing contemporaries.

Gang's all here!

BUT HARK!! Then she jetted off to New York Fashion Week. HER SCHEDGE IS SO CRAZY!!

Maybe there's still hope though? This handy schedule reports that the Abby Lee Dace Company is on tour in Ireland at the moment. If she's there, that would be the ultimate answer we're looking for.

BEHOLD! She is, in fact, in Ireland for what would appear to be this very same event. Huzzah!

Given the fact that she is currently on tour with the Abby Lee Dance Company, I would say that it seems like she is still with the Abby Lee Dance Company. Good for her! After all, at only 12, she's got plenty of time to have a celebrity career.