North West Gives The Paparazzi Disgusted Looks, Because Apparently You Can Inhert Photog Hatred From Your Father — PHOTOS

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter North West is officially fed up with living in the limelight, and I can't say I blame her. New paparazzi photos have surfaced of Kris Jenner carrying North West through London's Heathrow Airport, and it's obvious from the pics that North is so done being a celebrity. She may only be pushing two years old, but homegirl knows what she wants, and it's mainly to live her life in peace. And as cushy of a life this toddler must have, it can't be easy having been born to two ultra-famous parents — not to mention being part of a reality show family — without having much say in the matter. In every photo, North wears an expression of pure disgust that she only could've picked up from her father, and I kind of love it.

And of course, it's not lost on me that in these photos, North West and Jenner are both dressed entirely in Kanye West merchandise. Whether North is sick of cameras flashing in her eyes or being treated like a walking billboard for her dad's music, it's obvious she just needs a nap and maybe her blankie, because these pictures are hilarious.

Since we've all been toddlers and/or had to deal with the TSA, it's easy to understand where North is coming from. Obviously, she's going through the same experience any celebrity baby would when they finally realize they're famous and wish they weren't. Because no baby actually wants to be famous. They just want to know what their toes are and why they have them.

Stage One: Mild Confusion

"Where am I? Why am I wearing this stupid jacket again? Please tell me they are not taking me to another fashion show. I refuse to go to another fashion show."

Stage Two: Discontentment

"Oh, great. It's not bad enough I was stuck on a plane with this woman for 11 hours, but she tried talking me into starting my own perfume line for at least six of those hours. And do these people know their cameras are facing the wrong way? Mommy says selfies are the only kind of pictures that matter."

Stage Three: Total Disdain

"I'm done. I can't with these people. Is he wearing off-the-rack? These must be the peasants my Uncle Scott warned me about."