How Many Tattoos Does Kristen Stewart Have? Fewer Than You Might Think

Kristen Stewart has always had a little bit of the bad girl, don't care attitude about her, which is one of the reasons her fans totally adore her. She is real, confident, and a feminist, which is obviously awesome. Although her style in the past has always been super laid back with a penchant for band t-shirts and Converse sneakers, I always thought it was surprising that Stewart didn't have tattoos sooner. But since the Twilight saga wrapped up and that scandal broke out, K. Stew has tried to live her life a little bit more under the radar so there's probably a lot I don't know about her anymore and it breaks my heart. That said, I recently read reports that Stewart got a matching tattoo which her rumored girlfriend Alicia Cargile, and that got me wondering if Kristen Stewart had any more tattoos along with this one and what they are.

After doing some intense research, I can say with confidence that Kristen Stewart currently has four tattoos on her body — four that are visible, anyway. All of her tattoos are fairly small and have seemed to be a part of her life for about two years, so let's check them out and see what the story is behind her body are.

Tiny Infinity Symbol On Wrist

This is where Kristen Stewart's journey with tattoos began, and this one is very quaint and dainty. In June 2014, Us Weekly reported that Stewart stopped into Pride and Glory tattoo parlor in Nashville, Tennessee, when she and a group of friends were on a road trip, post-Robert Pattinson breakup. Stewart posed with the tattoo artists, who shared a photo of her visit on their Facebook page, and sources claimed she got the tiny symbol on her wrist, later revealed to be infinity sign.

Black Flag Tribute

A few weeks later in July 2013, another new little tat was spied by fans. To me, the four horizontal lines could mean just about anything, like maybe she just likes geometric tattoos and random shapes. Immediately, though, people claimed that her fresh tattoo was definitely in honor of the punk band Black Flag. Stewart has worn band tees throughout most of her career and is seemingly a huge rock and punk fan, so this makes sense. Though, honestly if she ever changed her mind it wouldn't be that difficult to cover.

Guernica Painting

Who knew K. Stew was such an art buff? While filming Clouds of Sils Maria, a new, large tattoo appeared on her forearm. The actress told Indiewire that she had tattoo transfers made for her character in the film, but was inspired to get a real one for herself. She explained,

This is part of "Guernica." It's a Picasso painting that I saw when I was 18 and in Madrid. It f--king floored me and it's the first time I responded to a piece of art like that. It is just perfect for me. I love what it makes me think of. It's like "keep going, and keep the f--king light on."

Arrows On Her Elbow

Earlier this year, photos emerged of Stewart and her rumored girlfriend and assistant/roomate Alicia Cargile sporting matching arrow tattoos (Cargile's is on her right arm). The photos came after a trip they took together to Hawaii, which hinted that their friendship might be more romantic than previously thought. The primitive looking arrows are said to be "pointing in the same direction," and in turn, speculated to be a symbol of their relationship. Alright, so BFFs can get matching tattoos too, but whatever the reason is, Cargile is important enough to K. Stew that she wanted to get matching ink, and it's a really cute gesture.