Tom Confronted Jax On 'Vanderpump Rules' About Miami At The Photo Shoot & OF COURSE He Admitted Nothing

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT, EVERYONE! It's the season finale of Vanderpump Rules, otherwise prophesied by Nostradamus as the eve of all the truth doth coming out. We're not too far into the evening, and already things are happening, starting with the matter of Miami. On the Season Finale of Vanderpump Rules , Tom confronted Jax about Miami during the SUR photo shoot. Everyone was in sock hop costume, so that was fun!

In keeping with the retro photo shoot theme, the two buddies were dressed like reject T-Birds, and it was fittingly hilarious and absurd. Proving, once and for all, that one should hash out all of your friend issues when both of you are in costume. Also, apropos of nothing, Jax looks even goofier when he's dressed up as fake James Dean. I'm guessing that this made it WAY easier to call him out on his BS. Why don't we just make a rule that Jax should dress in themed costumes all the time, in anticipation of him needing to be confronted about various indiscretions. I think a Nharwal suit is probably the way to go.

In all fairness, Scheana probably could've waited to speak to Ariana and Tom at another time. Like, seriously, dude. First of all, she was slightly playing both sides. Second of all, what do you expect to happen when you bring this stuff up at work?? Sure, everyone was around to ambush Jax to get the truth out of him (sans the influence of Kristen). But REALLY, do you think he's going to own up to anything when he has no allies to help him out, and nobody around to check him? I mean, come on, guys. You know how this dude operates. You need to keep witnesses around to fact check even the smallest details. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, homies.

Image: Bravo