Chris & Jade Talk 'Playboy' On 'Women Tell All' & Prove That He Refuses To Be Accountable For Anything

One of the most upsetting goodbyes this Bachelor season was Jade Roper's. Just days after revealing her deepest secret to Chris Soules, he sent her packing. Oh yeah, he swears it's not because she used to be a Playboy model, but I, and Jade, doubted that. So, Jade Roper confronted Chris Soules about her elimination on the Women Tell All Monday, to get some real answers. And as usual, Chris refused to provide them.

Not only did he not give her a real reason for being sent home, but he dodged any blame that came his way. Jade expressed that she was hurt by his post-episode Bachelor blog, where he said his hometown date with her "disturbed" him. (Emphasis mine.)

The Jade I knew was quiet, shy, almost meek. I was intrigued by what her family was saying, but almost disturbed by the fact that the Jade I knew was so different from what they were describing. I was also a bit disturbed by her brother Zach's concern about Jade's willingness to move back to a small town.

"That absolutely crushed me," Jade revealed. But Chris had a quick explanation for that to erase himself of any accountability.

First he apologized for the word choice, saying he probably should have used "caught off-guard." But really, at some point he needs to stop apologizing after the fact when people get mad. He needs to think about his words in the moment. Especially since his Bachelor blog is written down. He can't even blame being on-the-spot for using that word.

I don't blame Jade for being hurt. She revealed something very personal and very difficult for her, and Chris responded by sending her home (although he swears that's not why), and then calling their date disturbing. He also said viewing her Playboy photos was "awkward," when Jade insists looking at them was a choice they made together.

"I was revealing something that has ruined relationships for me before and if you thought it was awkward," she told him. "You just had to be honest back and say 'maybe later.' That would have meant so much more to me."

"That was poor choice of words and I apologize," said twitchy-faced Chris. (Seriously, he acts like staring at a woman is like staring at the sun. His eyes go all squinty and his face won't stop spasming.)

But beyond word-choice, Chris had another excuse lined up. This time he blamed Jade's brother. "Your brothers described you as a wild mustang," he said, throwing the attention someone else's way.

In the end, Jade didn't really get her answers, but no one does when it comes to Chris. Kaitlyn had the same problem with him. Everything was going fine, and then bam! she was eliminated and she never understood why. Chris isn't very good at articulating his thoughts to begin with, but even worse is that he doesn't ever respond to the things the women are actually saying.

Jade wasn't just mad that he said "disturbed." It didn't matter what word he put there. The point is that Jade was very open and very vulnerable with Chris, and he rewarded that with a one-way ticket back to her hometown without so much as a decent explanation. At some point Chris needs to take responsibility for his words and be thoughtful and considerate in the moment, not just way later when someone takes offense. But unfortunately I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

Images: David Moir/ABC; reactiongifs; ABC screengrab