Chris Disappoints Kaitlyn (And Us) Yet Again

by Nicole Pomarico

From the minute Kaitlyn stepped out of that limo on The Bachelor premiere and laid down her famous farm-related dirty joke on Chris Soules, I knew she would be my favorite, and every episode since has proven that fact more and more. And because Kaitlyn's so awesome, it obviously came as a shock when Chris decided to eliminate her after the Fantasy Suite dates... and that doesn't even begin to cover how Kaitlyn felt about it. When Chris didn't give her a rose, she was visibly caught off guard, and more upset than she'd been all season. So should Chris have been surprised when Kaitlyn took the opportunity to totally lay into Chris on Women Tell All? He shouldn't have been, but he kind of was — and his explanation to her was more than lackluster.

When Kaitlyn had the opportunity to come face to face with Chris again, she didn't waste any time. Not only was she sure to mention that he gave her nothing when she put her feelings and heart out there and on the line for him, but she didn't give him any room to explain his bad behavior away with "I did the best I could," which is his canned response for any and all conflict on this show. Kaitlyn is officially a bad ass, and I couldn't love her more. She thinks she was treated unfairly, and she was right, and I love that she stood up for herself.

"I had zero reason to believe that I was done," Kaitlyn said. "I'm just looking for a genuine answer of what happened."

Chris offered up a lot of metaphors for why he chose Becca and Whitney over her, including but not limited to "throwing darts at a dartboard in the dark" and "rolling the dice." Chris, what are you even talking about? You're not rolling the dice, you're choosing a woman to spend the rest of your life with — real women with feelings who don't exactly want to be told they were chosen via a dartboard. How is it possible he's that clueless?

Regardless, I think we can all agree that Kaitlyn can (and will) do much better than Chris, and my fingers are crossed that we get to see her do better as The Bachelorette. Please, ABC. I will forgive you for this mess of a season if you can do this one thing for me!

Image: David Moir/ABC