Tessa Copies Lindy On 'Eye Candy' & Now She's Next On The Flirtual Killer's Hit List

Tessa, Tessa, Tessa. From the first moment this long-lost friend in Lindy and Sophia's life appeared on Eye Candy , I knew she was trouble. She lied about why she was visiting Sophia and why her behavior had changed from when they used to know each other, she was acting sketchy right when she went to Sophia and Lindy's house in the first place, and she wasn't nearly scared enough about the Flirtual serial killer that is currently haunting her friends' lives. Now it looks like Tessa has gone a bit Single White Female on Lindy and is going to pay dearly because of it. Sophia and Connor discovered that Tessa had been stealing Lindy's clothing and dating her matches on Flirtual, and the final scene of Monday night's episode, "AMA," finds her on a date with the Flirtual killer who will probably end up trying (and succeeding) to murder her.

Tessa still hasn't fully revealed her true reason for being at Sophia's and Lindy's home. Originally she explained that she was having a tough time with her parents' divorce, but after disappearing for a few days, Sophia called Tessa's parents and found out they were still together and worried sick about their daughter. After being confronted, Tessa then revealed she had to leave her parents' place thanks to a huge argument, but even that felt like a lie.

So it seems pretty clear that Sophia's friend is sketchier than she remembers, and she might end up paying dearly for that soon enough. But why is Tessa doing all of this Lindy-copying in the first place? Perhaps she has some strange, creepy fascination with murder? It's possible, she wasn't all that terrified of the Flirtual killer at first, and even after Lindy explained that he had killed 10 people already, her stunned reaction just wasn't quite stunned enough.

These might be a stretch, but there are two other possible options as well. Maybe Tessa is strangely drawn to death and wants to have her own murder excitement in her life like Lindy. So that's why she tries to emulate her, date her matches, and find out who the killer really is. Or maybe Tessa is just trying to find the killer out of sheer curiosity. She did tell her friends that she wanted to "go where no one gets to go. See the things they never get to see." Perhaps killer-catching is one of those things?

According to the Eye Candy showrunner, Tessa is definitely trouble. Going after a killer, or putting her friends and herself in danger to meet the killer definitely falls under trouble. Maybe if Tessa does end up getting murdered or, on a more hopeful note, discovering the truth of the Flirtual killer, she could help the Cyber Crimes Unit and/or Lindy find him or her, too. Of course, all of this would come after she probably did more harm than good. Seriously, I just don't trust her. But I guess that's also what makes her so much more interesting.

Images: MTV (screenshot); hypable, dyingtoconnect/Tumblr