'Nashville's Michiel Huisman Joins 'Orphan Black' & It's Our Dream Come True

Do you love Michiel Huisman but die a little inside every time you see him smizing mischievously in a felt fedora as Liam on Nashville? Are you the kind of person who loves a good rugged outdoorsman, and couldn't get enough of last year's breakout sci-fi hit, Orphan Black? Well, then today's your lucky day. The Hollywood Reporter has just announced that Michiel Huisman is joining Orphan Black as the sexily-named Cal Morrison, who is alleged to be both rugged and outdoorsy.

Don't get me wrong, I love Huisman on Nashville, even if it means being exposed to an ungodly amount of Kevin Federline-esque ensembles.

Still, everybody knows Rayna and Liam can't last – she's rebounding off of Deacon, which could arguably be called rebounding off of Teddy. Liam, and as a result, Huisman, is going to get tossed aside. Meanwhile, on Orphan Black, there's an alarming shortage of male eye candy, mainly because Tatiana Maslany flawlessly plays everybody and is female-bodied. So this news is a win-win for Orphan Black and Huisman!

But it's important to remember that no matter who joins the cast of Orphan Black, whether its Huisman or Ryan Gosling (if only), Felix will still always hold the title of sexiest male character on the Canadian series.