'Bachelor' Chris Soules Wants Kaitlyn Bristowe To Be The Next 'Bachelorette' & He Couldn't Be More Right

If you blinked, you probably missed Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor — that's how fast the past few weeks have gone. It's true, though. Prince Farming's time is almost up, and next week we get to find out if he'll choose Whitney or Becca to live happily ever after with on his farm in the middle of nowhere. But possibly even more important than finding out the answer to that question is the next matter at hand: Who will be the next Bachelorette ? It seems that for now, ABC is keeping their options open, but the front runners are clearly Kaitlyn and Britt... and Chris has officially chosen which one of these ladies he'd prefer. Chris wants Kaitlyn to be the next Bachelorette , and it's the first time I've agreed with him since the premiere episode.

While talking to People recently, Chris let it slip that he's rooting for Kaitlyn, mostly because she's the most awesome person ever. He told the mag,

She's got a great personality. She would be fun, and she's a funny girl. She would handle crazy dates and she would be able to hang out, and be entertaining, and she's ready to find love. I think that's really important as a Bachelor or Bachelorette to be able to find someone who's ready to get married and ready to be genuine and sincere about the journey.

Being that I felt a ridiculous amount of secondhand heartbreak when Chris sent Kaitlyn home after she was finally able to break down that wall and tell him she was falling in love with him, I couldn't agree with him more. Even if he didn't treat her the way she deserved, there are undoubtedly a million guys who are ready to line up and show her that they can, and I'd selfishly like to see that go down.

Kaitlyn's also been ultra relatable — and in my opinion, worlds more relatable than the makeup sleeper, Britt — and I think that's an important quality to have in a bachelorette. Who wouldn't instantly want to be BFFs with someone who throws humor at every awkward situation that ABC wants to put them in?

Besides, she's obviously not going to put up with any crap, and she'll probably be the funniest bachelorette the show has ever given us. Andi Dorfman will always hold a special place in my heart, but if Kaitlyn takes her throne, Andi may have to settle for second place.

Image: Denton Hanna/ABC