Adam Scott's New Role Is Extremely Horrifying

Christmas: it's the most wonderful time of the year. Unless, of course, you're being stalked by Krampus, which is exactly what will happen to Adam Scott and Toni Collette in the near future. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adam Scott and Toni Collette have been cast in horror movie Krampus and if you're not freaked out by that name yet — well, you really, really should be. Scott and Collette will play a couple who have a less than stellar holiday season due to the presence of a very unwelcome houseguest, evil entity Krampus.

But, who is the titular Krampus and why is he such a horrifying Christmas legend? Read on, my dear friends... preferably with the lights on.

If you thought that Santa Claus' policy of giving naughty kids a bag of coal just wasn't authoritarian enough, then you might prefer this mythical creature's way of doing things. According to National Geographic, Krampus is part of German folklore and was created as a sort of "anti" St. Nicholas, aka, Santa Claus. Whereas Santa Claus would leave presents for well-behaving children, Krampus would punish the wicked ones, and take them back to his lair. Krampus is described as a horned beast, and is typical described as "the Christmas devil." Here's some nightmarish imagery to keep you awake at night:

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's not surprising that Krampus is the subject of a new horror flick. Obviously, the whole concept is super terrifying — it really brings new meaning to the whole "he sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake" thing. The myth is also becoming increasingly popularized in modern culture: Los Angeles even had its very own "Krampusfest" in 2014, which this Los Angeles resident is okay with missing out on.

Additionally, The League even featured its very Krampus, which, thankfully, was a little bit more cuddly than the one featured in the pic above:

There's no set release date for the new film, but one can assume that the producers will push for a holiday release date — after all, what's Christmas without a little fear, right? In the meantime, listen to Krampus' very own Christmas carol courtesy of The League... and maybe be thankful your parents didn't unleash Krampus on you as a kid.

Image: Getty Images