Ethan Hawke Joining 'The Magnificent Seven' Proves This Movie Is Worth Getting Excited Over

Based on his lengthy film lineup for 2015, Ethan Hawke may very well be gunning for the title of hardest working man in Hollywood. Fresh off an Oscar nod for his role in Boyhood, Hawke has upcoming roles in several films, including Regression , which also stars Emma Watson as well as the intense Shakespearean drama Cymbeline , which hits theaters March 13. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed Ethan Hawke's possible role in The Magnificent Seven, the Antoine Fuqua-directed remake of the 1960s Yul Brynner-directed film that starred Academy Award-nominated actor Steve McQueen.

According to reports, the 44-year-old actor is in talks to join the movie about a gang of 7 old western gunslingers that are hired by a woman who tasks them with keeping watch over a town that is overwhelmed by roguish bandits. Hawke will join the current cast of Denzel Washington, Haley Bennett from The Equalizer, and The Guardian of the Galaxy's Chris Pratt.

Since the film is currently in pre-production, details are scant but going by what's been confirmed so far, The Magnificent Seven remake seems like it'll be a quite interesting project.

Here are 7 reasons why The Magnificent Seven just might be worth the watch:

The Ethan Hawke/Denzel Washington Combo

These two have proven chemistry and The Magnificent Seven will surely bring more of the same.

Chris Pratt


It's Another Chance For Hawke to Win an Oscar

OK, so this may sound like jumping the gun a bit, but isn't about time Hawke won a golden statuette?

It's Set in The Wild, Wild West

I'm totally ready to see some bar brawls and dirt road duels.

It's Directed by Antonie Fuqua

Why is Oprah so excited? When Hawke, Washington and Fuqua last collaborated on Training Day, which was obviously a huge success. Perhaps The Magnificent Seven will be a repeat.

There Are Three Sequels to The Magnificent Seven

Which means if this remake is a success, it could totally become a huge franchise.

Quentin Tarantino Is Reportedly Making a Similar Film, titled The Hateful Eight

In this situation, things might get kind of sticky, but just in case there is a battle of the remakes, you absolutely have to see both of them to decide which one is better.

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