Is Chris Soules 'Dancing With The Stars' Mystery Contestant? Doing Another Reality Show Would Be A Huge Mistake — UPDATE

Update: On Wednesday night, Us Weekly confirmed that Bachelor Chris is the newest DWTS contestant. To keep things interesting (and to keep fans on their toes), the 20th season of Dancing With the Stars has yet to reveal its final pair of celebrity and professional dancer. The mystery has inspired a lot of people to guess who the secret member is, and, apparently, many believe current The Bachelor star Chris Soules could be the final Dancing With The Stars contestant. Honestly, as strange as this would be, it makes sense that it could be him. After all, The Bachelor and Dancing With the Stars are both ABC shows, and DWTS has a history of inviting past Bachelor members onto the show. Sean Lowe famously competed for the Mirror Ball trophy after his season of The Bachelor wrapped, and former The Bachelorette star Melissa Rycroft also participated.

But there's even more evidence than that. On the morning of the cast announcements, host Tom Bergeron teased that the final member of the group "couldn't rose — I mean, rise early enough." The Bachelor is synonymous with roses, so it's very likely Bergeron was hinting that Chris Soules would be taking the stage this season.

Then DWTS pro Witney Carson, who will be paired with the mystery contestant, posted a picture to Instagram that could reveal who her partner is. The photo shows her standing in a rural area, which could be Chris Soules' small farm town of Arlington, Iowa. "Just moments away from meeting my new partner! Sooooo excited I can't even contain it," she captioned the photo.

It's very possible Chris Soules could be the final celeb to join the show. But if he does, he'd be making a huge mistake. Under no circumstance should he go on Dancing With the Stars, and I can tell you why.

It Could Ruin His Relationship

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe opened up about his time on DWTS in his book For the Right Reasons, and explained that the reality show almost ruined his new romance. Instead of spending time with his fiancée, Lowe was in the dance studio all the time during those crucial first few months that they could finally be seen in public together. He and Catherine Guidici almost split over things because she was so upset at being in another reality show situation.

“We just got out of a hard time of life. Remember? The Bachelor? That wasn’t easy either,” Catherine said to him during his DWTS run. “We kept saying that once it was over, we could live like normal people. Well, this isn’t normal!

If Chris values his partnership with his potential wife, he'll say no to DWTS, at least for now. They need to build a foundation for their relationship first, before he jets off for months at a time.

I'm Pretty Sure Chris Can't Dance

I mean, possibly he's got, like, the "Hoedown Throwdown" on lock, but can he rumba and waltz and mambo his way to victory? This video says no.

One Reality Show Is Enough

Most of America could barely tolerate him on The Bachelor , now he's going to be in our faces again? No. The only good thing about DWTS is that America controls who stays and goes, so there's always that option for staunch Chris haters.

He Has a Farm to Run

He just left his beloved farm for a ton of months to film The Bachelorette, and then The Bachelor. Is he seriously going to bail again? At least the first two times were to find love. I don't think his corn or pigs would be very pleased if he ditched out just to dance. Besides, his hometown is supposedly so important to him that his future wife must move there, no exceptions. Yet I keep seeing him leave for large chunks of time, so how serious is he about that ultimatum, actually?

Having a Partner Named Witney Is a Bad Idea

Irony of irony, the only pro without a partner is named Witney Carson. Now that's a bad name for a potential dance partner of Chris' to have no matter who he chooses on Monday's finale. If he picks Becca, she's probably going to be annoyed that he's immediately letting another Witney in his life after he just said goodbye to Whitney Bischoff. But if he does choose Whitney Biscoff to be his wife, they have to face the fact that he's leaving his new fiancée so he can go be in the arms of another Witney. There's just no winning there!


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Seriously. Do not let this man on DWTS. Please. I beg of you.

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