Adam Levine Treats 10-Year-Old Fan To Maroon 5 Concert & The Story Will Probably Make You Cry — PHOTO

If you're a huge fan of Maroon 5, then you're probably going to fall in love with the band and its lead singer even more. Adam Levine made one fan extremely happy by making his dream come true. That fan is 10-year-old Christopher Warner, a child with Down syndrome who can't get enough of Levine — obviously, he's a smart boy. Well, after Levine and the band heard about Warner's love for their music, they went above and beyond to invite him to a concert.

Avery Stanert, a special education teacher at Warner's school, told,

He has just been fascinated with Maroon 5 and especially Adam Levine. He loves to listen to their music during work breaks. He draws pictures of them. He just absolutely loves them.

Stanert even uploaded a fan-appreciation video (shown below) of Warner singing Maroon 5 songs, watching their videos, and showing off his amazing fan art. Eventually, the video went viral and a local radio station got involved in order to get Warner to meet his idols. All of this turned into a dream come true for Warner, who, along with his mom and several teachers, were granted VIP access to Maroon 5's concert in Washington D.C.

If you're wondering, yes, Warner also got to meet Levine. If you didn't already adore Warner enough, well, his reaction upon meeting Levine is pretty much the best thing ever. Actually, I think we all would react this way. He got so excited and panicked that he crouched down on the floor and tried to hide. This didn't bother the singer one bit, and he reacted in the best way possible: asking everyone to follow in Warner's footsteps and lay down right beside him.

Anyone else overwhelmed with happiness now?