Chris Soules Is Such An Awkward 'Bachelor'

This has been a pretty naturally dramatic season of The Bachelor, so it's not surprising that the Women Tell All episode was full of fights, jokes, and awkward moments. Most of the uncomfortableness came at the hands of the Bachelor himself. Try as he might, Chris Soules can't string a sentence together to save his life, and that was on full display last Monday. Us Weekly even put together a supercut of The Bachelor's most awkward Women Tell All moments. Let me tell you, watching him stutter and sputter and squint his eyes for a minute-long video is pretty uncomfortable.

I mean, no hard feelings towards Chris. I would probably say and do stupid things if I was filmed 24/7, too. But I can't deny how funny it is to watch him try to speak to the women he's dating. I mean, maybe there's a reason he kissed so many of them: Talking is hard! Especially if you live in a town with four single women (no joke), then you're plain just not used to dealing with so many at once.

But the Women Tell All was particularly painful for Chris because he was confronting the women he sent home, and they had some serious questions for him. All of which he hardly answered, as evidenced by this video:

I don't blame him for being nervous, but the Women Tell All was not the first time Soules couldn't say what was on his mind. Remember when he tried to explain to Britt why he gave Kaitlyn a group date rose? Yeah, that made no sense whatsoever:

Who would have thought that Chris Soules would be just as hard to understand as Juan Pablo? Oh Chris, it's good that your time on reality TV is drawing to a close. But he still has one major language milestone ahead — the proposal to and rejection of his final two women. I can't wait to hear what he has to say for that.

Image: David Moir/ABC