This 'Avengers' Trailer Is Very Telling

by Alanna Bennett

Are you ready? Are you getting ready? Is it even possible to be ready? Avengers: Age Of Ultron comes out May 1, less than two months from this moment right now, and the third Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer hit the Internet Wednesday afternoon. Soon, there will be a press tour just straight-up chock full of Marvel Chrises and Robert Downey Jr. standing way too close to people and Scarlett Johansson calling everyone on their bullshit. Then we'll all get to see the actual movie, probably leaving the theater forever scarred by a Pinnochio song and really, really impatient for Captain America: Civil War to hit theaters (in 2016, sadly).

In the meantime, we've got 3 trailers to stare at over and over. This latest one keeps the creepy cryptic tones of "I Got No Strings," but shows us a whole lot more of what we're really there for: The Avengers, as a team, grappling with the [insert expletive]-show one of their own created.

There is, to put it simply, a lot of grappling to be done. Age Of Ultron has a lot on its shoulders, and there are a lot of plot elements floating around this trailer. We're meeting at minimum three new superheroes (with more rumored for the end credits), and throwing around the ones we've already got in whole new ways. So here are some of the things this trailer's teaching us to expect once we collectively sit our butts down in those theaters come May 1.

A New Team Dynamic

Last time it was them all getting to know each other. This time around they're solidified as a team, with all that comes with that.

Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch Will Not Meet the Avengers As Friends

There will be some punching first. Speaking of which...

Everyone's Gonna Fight With Each Other

My personal favorite Avengers mode is "fun drunk party friend time," but it seems we'll only be getting 1-2 scenes of that this time around. Hulk and the Iron Man Hulkbuster are gonna go at it at some point. Thor grabs at Tony's throat in a not-friendly way. Quicksilver punches Cap in the face. CAN'T WE ALL JUST BE FRIENDS?

A Little Somethin'-Somethin's Going On Between Bruce & Natasha

Ok, so not everyone's gonna be unfriendly to each other.

Vision Will Be Around

Hey dude.

Scarlet Witch Is Gonna Mess With Everyone's Brains

Which honestly might be how we get...

Black Widow Backstory Will Likely Be Revealed

Are you ready? I am SO READY.

You can see the trailer for yourself right here:

Images: Marvel Entertainment/Youtube