What Do We Know About 'Age Of Ultron' So Far?

After hungry fans tweeted #AvengersAssemble so Marvel would drop a new Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer, Wednesday was their lucky day. Marvel and Disney released a new Avengers: Age Of Ultron trailer chock full of spoilers, and it's the longest and darkest yet. The first Age Of Ultron trailer aired back in October, set to the tune of Pinocchio's "I'm On Strings," because the evil sentient robot Ultron is nobody's puppet, man.

The first trailer, for instance, released in October was more of a thematic introduction to Ultron. It was rife with symbols! First of all, that song choice? On point. James Spader as Ultron — seriously, could they have found anyone with more of an Android voice? — guffaws at the poor humans' fate to be puppets to masters. And he's the master now, get it? Even though originally he was essentially a puppet created by Tony Stark? And is there anything more frightening than a sentient puppet? (No, no there is not.)

In the final trailer, alternatively, Ultron wholly reveals his vision of a better world — a world without humans. It's time to comprise all the knowledge we gleaned from the three Age Of Ultron trailers, so we're on steady footing come May 1 when Age Of Ultron comes out in theaters:

Trailer #1

Things we can gather from the first trailer: Ultron has taken up residence in some remote, roughly-hewn castle in the mountains. Drama queen, don't you think? He's created an apocalyptic atmosphere in civilization, getting ready to wipe them out as they struggle to find cover and survive.

We can also see the Avengers are all extremely upset. The Hulk looks awful and weak; we see Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) huddled and pale, probably trying to keep himself from Hulking Out. Thor drops his hammer. Tony Stark, who created Ultron as a means for good in the world, seems submissive to a dark end: "It's the end of the path," he says. Basically, things are not looking good. We also catch glimpses of three new characters: Scarlet Witch, played by Elisabeth Olsen; her brother, Quicksilver, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Black Panther, played by Andy Serkis.

Trailer #2

The second trailer gave us some more clues about the plot and new mysteries to be frustrated about. More shots of mass destruction: this time, we see Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) leading people to some sort of safe-unit... tank. It's unclear, as of yet. There's some mysterious woman disrobing in a cave. We also see: Black Widow being forced onto an operating table where she's going get a surgery using a sinister black tool. (I'm guessing she won't be getting anesthetized.) We get a longer look at Andy Serkis with his menacing facial hair, playing Ulysses Klaw AKA Black Panther, an evil scientist. And more on those pesky kids, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver: we see them battling Black Widow and Captain America.

There's also emotions taking everyone over. Thor tells Tony Stark re: the horrible monster Ultron he created: "You've meddled in something you don't understand." Oof. Well, they do say your true friends will give you the hard truth.

Trailer #3

Which brings us to the third trailer — the end of the line. The last chance for Marvel to wow us and ruin us for the next two months with anticipation; and they delivered. Blah blah blah, more death and destruction, but the key here is that Ultron is finally like, "I'm gonna wipe 'em all out." That's right, his plan is LITERALLY human extinction. Black Widow also gets a lot of air-time in this final trailer, thank god.

But perhaps the most compelling clue, is that at the very end of the trailer, after the title sequence, we get a glimpse of Vision; he's a sentient robot that "was created by Ultron and sent to destroy the Avengers. Long story short, he gained freedom from his sinister master and eventually became a full-fledged Avenger." We don't know if Vision will be a big part of Age Of Ultron, or when he will become one — in this film, or a sequel. But it's nice to see a robot finally joining the team.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron comes out on May 1.

Image: YouTube