Liv & Mellie Should Take Over The White House

Despite your feelings about Fitz and Olivia's relationship, I think we can all agree that Fitz makes for a pretty lousy president. I mean, for a guy who was supposed to make such a big difference as leader of the free world — enough so that it was apparently worth rigging an entire election for — he's really done nothing but bring, well, scandal to the Oval Office. So when Mellie revealed she wants to be president I was completely overjoyed. This is what Scandal needs. And who better to help get Mellie into that Commander in Chief position than Olivia Pope herself. Just picture it: Mellie and Liv working together to take over the White House. Talk about an unstoppable force.

Come to think of it, I'm surprised I hadn't thought of this potential team up before. It makes for such a better dynamic than having these two hate each other all because of a guy. These ladies make for incredible female role models and I'd much rather see them raise each other up than continue down this road of jealousy and resentment. Forget about Fitz, you two! Instead, look to make political history (and if life starts to imitate art, then all the better).

Not completely sold on the idea yet? Don't worry, you will be after I'm through. Because a Mellie and Olivia alliance is the true American Dream. And here's why…

They're Both Tough As Nails

Between learning about Mellie's heartbreaking backstory with Fitz's father and watching firsthand how Olivia handled her abduction, there's no doubt in my mind that these two women are forces to be reckoned with. I mean, just imagine what they'd be like as a united front. The possibilities would be unlimited.

They're Confident In Their Capabilities

Think of the pep talks these two could give one another. Mellie may not be a member of Pope & Associates, but she's always been a Gladiator in her own right — something that Liv could help her to hone and highlight throughout the campaign.

They're Extremely Charming

It doesn't matter if they've had the worst day in the world (which, in some cases, they totally have), they're still able to always put on a brave smile and do what needs to be done. Just give them five minutes in front of the cameras and they'll have the entire world eating out of the palm of their hands.

They've Both Put the President in His Place

These women haven't just stuck it to the man, they've stuck it to THE man, as in the No. 1 man in America. With guts and gumption like that, there's absolutely no one who can stand in their way.

Suffice to say, this dynamic duo has got my vote.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; Giphy (3); funastrology/Tumblr