Don't Start 'RHOM' Without Seeing Season 1

by Kayla Hawkins

The first season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne was first aired in Australia, but the reruns in America were popular enough to warrant a second season that will air just a few weeks after it premiered overseas. And if you think there isn't enough time left before Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 premieres on March 5 to binge Season 1 of Real Housewives of Melbourne online, think again. Bravo, notorious for making their episodes impossible to find online, have finally seen the light and realized that if they do, that they'll have more fans. And there should be so many fans, because the new members of the RHOM cast have first names like "Gamble" and "Pettifluer," and last names like "Breaux" and "Berenger." Australia is a wonderful place.

If you're willing to take the day off, Bravo is running marathons of RHOM all day Thursday March 5, and they always program their shows in blocks, so there will be plenty of other opportunities to catch up on the series on TV. But online might be the better option, because it works as perfect television comfort food.

And please, enjoy these Gina GIFs from Season 1 — let them fuel you on your quest to find the perfect place to enjoy The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Because Gina Liano is life. And her eyeshadow is... terrifying.

On Hulu, So Long As You Have Cable

If you can put up with their increasingly long ad breaks, Hulu's not a bad place to watch Season 1 of RHOM. All 12 episodes are available (including the reunion), the picture quality is pretty great, and if you make an account, it will save your place in whatever episode you're watching, which is perfect if you can only watch during lunch breaks.

On BravoTV.com... But You Also Need Cable

Bravo also offers the entire first season on their site if you have a cable subscription. And while there isn't much of a difference between the ads on Hulu and the ads on Bravo, Bravo's video player has improved a lot in recent years. They also make new episodes available there the day after air.

On the Bravo Now App

The Bravo Now app allows you to stream the Bravo you would watch on your TV. Downsides? Streaming issues, live commercials, and you have to be mindful of your time zone because it's live.

ArenaTV, if You're in Australia

I'd hate for this whole list to be North American-centric — hey, these ladies originate down under, that's where the show is produced, and ArenaTV is where the show originally aired.

Image: Martin Philbey/Bravo; Giphy (4)