7 Stages Of Dealing With Winter Storm Thor

At this point in the winter season, we're starting to get philosophical. What is the meaning of life? Is the sun real, or is it just a mystical illusion? What does warmth feel like? When did the world become black and white, with so many shades of slushy gray? We don't quite have the answers to these pressing existential questions — these are problems that will plague East Coast dwellers for years to come — but we do have new information implying that, one day, this winter might actually end and the heavens might open up to reveal something other than bleakness. According to The Weather Channel, Winter Storm Thor will be the last winter storm of this season.

Thor, as it is aptly named, will bring thorough amounts of heavy rain, snow, and ice to a generous helping of Americans from Wednesday night to Thursday night — about 47 million people, to be exact, from the Midwest to the Northeast. Kentucky is expected to get slammed with 10 inches of rain, and snow will slow down morning commutes in New York City and Philadelphia. In anticipation of the storm, Penn State University cancelled classes on Wednesday due to weather for the first time in eight years. Basically, this is going to be a big one, but at least it will probably be the last killer storm of the season.

The final blizzard/ice storm/flood of this long and relentless winter may give you some mixed emotions. How are you supposed to feel — nostalgic? Excited? Guilty, even? Here we've compiled a helpful breakdown — in list form, of course — to guide you through the complicated emotional fallout you may be dealing with as we face the last storm of the season.


Haha, that's so funny. There's no way we're actually going to get more snow.


Fine, it's going to snow again. There's no turning back. This is just the way life is now. I can't remember the last time I saw my own legs.


Why can't this just be over already? Do we really need another storm? We get the point!

Complete Disinterest

Nothing matters anymore. Bring it on. I can take anything.


I'm too tired and cold to deal with any of this. The fact that we only get four hours of semi-daylight per day has worn me down enough that I literally don't care about anything except sleeping.


More snow? You know what, that's okay! That's nature's way. I can't control the weather, but I can control my attitude about what's happening around me.

Delusional Excitement

Yes! Snowball fights! Ice skating! Snowmen! Winter is such a great time to be alive, I can't wait for more opportunities to have fun!

Readiness for Spring

It's time.

Images: Giphy (6), Cartoon Network, The Simpsons