You Can Wear This Shirt 24 Different Ways

by Jessica Willingham

Well, this is a wardrobe game-changer. If you have trouble figuring out what to wear in the morning or simply feel like you have too many clothes, this latest fashion Kickstarter is for you. Introducing the multi-shirt MORF, a piece of clothing that allegedly holds up to 24 different looks in ONE shirt. Yes, you read that correctly. That's almost a month's worth of looks! But even though I've read through their Kickstarter page and watched the video, I'm still not sure how it works either. MORF claims it's easy to transition looks. Also, the shirt itself has no velcro, buttons, zippers, or an instruction manual. I feel like I might need an engineering degree to operate it.

Independent designer and MORF creator Tamara Salem says "the secret of MORF lies in its simple double-layer construction that allows it to magically change colors, cuts, and looks, enabling you to customize and personalize your look in the most practical way."

MORF is mostly made out of cotton, but the double layers concern me — I get kind of sweaty just thinking about it. And not in the good way.

One of the coolest parts about MORF is that it comes in a variety of colors. You can choose a blue, red, or green shirt with its own various pattern and color combinations. In addition to various colors and styles, MORF is unisex and comes in sizes up to XL. So, kudos there, too — if this really does become the next big thing, it will be accessible to a variety of shapes and sizes. According to Kickstarter, the company would like to see branch out into kids wear and sportswear, too.

MORF is looking for $25,000 in funding by April 29. Which means Salem has 55 days and about $20,000 to go. To get one of these, all you have to put up is $50. We're confident that she'll reach her goal, especially with cash-strapped college students and eco-friendly fashionistas looking to save money and waste!

To see how it all works, watch the video below.