Let's Talk About Gloria Steinem's Clitoris Ring

Now this is a statement accessory. An Instagram photo posted earlier today of Gloria Steinem wearing a clitoris ring is giving us a new reason to love the feminist icon. In the snap, which was posted by Caledonia Curry, the founder of a community for artists called the Heliotrope Foundation, Steinem is shown happily displaying the anatomically correct rendering of everyone's favorite lady part on her ring finger. Another win for female anatomy awareness, right?

Curry said in her caption that she gifted Steinem the ring straight off her finger when the two met, and went on to explain the biggest misconception about this for-pleasure only gift us females are given. "The little nubbin we are all so familiar with is just the tip, the full thing carries on well inside the body and is quite huge. Who knew? Turns out basically nobody did, till like the 90's."

If I'm being totally honest, I had zero clue that's what a clitoris actually looked like in its entirety. Learn something new every day, right? In addition to Steinem, I have Penelopijones jewelry to thank for enlightening me. (Want in? The "clitoring" is available in sterling silver for $122 and 14k gold for $535.)

Although I'm not sure I'd be bold enough to wear this ring myself, the Instagram of Gloria sporting it definitely reminds me to rock my womanhood with pride, as she has always done.

Image: swoonhq/Instagram