Adam Could Be 'Idol's Saving Grace

by Jessica Molinari

Let's face it — American Idol has gotten pretty boring over the past few seasons. The show lacks the level of talent found on The Voice and the "weird" contestants have become few and far between. But Idol may have found its saving grace in Season 14 contestant Adam Ezegelian. The 21-year-old toy designer describes himself as a cartoon character, a quirk that shines through all of his performances. Ezegelian has delivered fun, energetic performances week after week. If he's impressed America as much as he has me, Ezegelian will be sticking around Idol for a long time.

There are many qualities in Ezegelian that set him apart from the competition. His voice is definitely one of those qualities. The Long Island native has continued to deliver strong performances week after week, an accomplishment that only a few Idol contestants can brag about. He wowed the judges again tonight with his pumped-up rock version of The Jackson 5's "I Want You Back." He was able to breathe new life into an already energetic Motown favorite, which not many of the guys were able to do.

Ezegelian is also one of the most unique performers of this season. So many contestants are typical pop-rock singers, but the toy designer does not fit that mold. His style is completely his own — but if I had to compare him to anyone it would be a Jack Black, except a much more talented version. Ezegelian is over-the-top without going too far. His vocals are always on point and his performances always pump up the crowd. Will this be enough for him to win? Probably not. Though he's being voted through now and will be for the next few weeks, his votes will lessen the farther we get in to the competition. There are many talented contestants this season that have more of what America wants. Ezegelian is extremely talented, but he may be a little too different to keep America wanting more.

Image: Jeff Neira/FOX