Daniel Has The 'Idol' Voters Under His Spell

by Jessica Molinari

Big cuts are coming to the American Idol Top 24, but one contestant who can sit and enjoy the show is 15-year-old Daniel Seavey, who earned the first stop in the Top 8 Guys. Seavey left me far less than impressed with his performance last week and seriously questioning whether he could handle the stress of this competition. America clearly disagreed with me because they voted the young artist through. Though he's unexperienced and one of the weaker performers this season, Seavey will continue getting voted through to the next round because America has fallen under the spell of his cuteness.

Let's think about who the American Idol voters are. A majority are young girls who are just dying for the find the next cute boy singer to scream about. These types of voters love young male contestants because they love young male artists. See: One Direction, Five Seconds of Summer, Justin Bieber (baby Bieber, not the trouble-maker we know today) — you get the picture. Seavey fits this group perfectly — he's 15, has a high popstar voice, blonde spiky hair and an adorable smile. The Oregon native is sure stick around American Idol as long as these viewers are dialing in to vote every night — and you know they are.

So we're stuck with Seavey. I guess things could be worse. There's no denying he has a great base — but it's his performances that leave me bored week after week. Harry Connick, Jr. summed his performance of Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet It Is" perfectly. He told Seavey that he wasn't swinging enough — which is an essential part of performing Motown — and needs to feel the band more. Here's hoping Seavey takes Connick's note to heart, because I can't stand to watch another lackluster performance.

Image: Frank Micelotta/FOX