What's The Song In The Galaxy Tab S Commercial? This Ditty Is Rather "Wonder"-Ful — VIDEO

It’s a story any purchaser of a gadget knows all too well: After you obtain a new electronic device and get the hang of all of the neat-o things it can do, you can’t wait to show off its coolest features. You can send word messages to this beeper! It’s so tight! Technology is so tight! In a new TV spot for the Galaxy Tab S, people wave over friends and family members to demonstrate the Samsung tablet’s capabilities. I have not used the Galaxy Tab S, but I assume it can Shazam things... whiiiiiich brings me to my next point (+10 for that effortless segue)! I wanted to know what that song in the Galaxy Tab S ad is, and thanks to some Shazamming and some Googling, I found the answer lickety-split: It is “The Way To Wonder” by Kyle Andrews. The track appears on his 2013 album Brighter Than the Sun.

The singer-songwriter’s music has been featured in a handful of commercials: His song “You Always Make Me Smile” was used in a Holiday Inn ad and multiple Microsoft Windows phone ads, and his song “All This Goodness” was in a General Mills cereal TV spot.

Would you like to hear "The Way To Wonder" in its entirety? I will not stand in your way a moment longer. Here it is:

"I feel so grumpy after watching and listening to that," said no one ever.

Image: Samsung Mobile USA/YouTube