12 Simple Ways To Update Your Bedroom

We typically spend about 3,000 hours a year sleeping, which rounds out to roughly a third of our entire lives. Even if you are not getting quite as much sleep as you should, that’s still a crazy significant chunk of time. Our bedrooms should be places of total comfort and serenity, but they frequently do not get the attention they deserve. You change your wardrobe season to season and year after year, but how often do you actually invest in bedding that you love? That super cool headboard you’ve been eyeing at the antiques store? Or even the right mattress? We drape ourselves in bedding almost as much as we put on actual clothing, so splurging every now and then to up your game is totally legitimate. Crafting a custom space that puts you at ease at the end of the day, keeps you cozy all night, and takes serious effort to tear yourself away from in the morning is essential — and makes a third of your life a whole lot better.

In honor of Sleep Awareness Week, here are 12 tips to inspire your own bedroom makeover, whether you're looking for a little pick-me-up or a total overhaul.

1. Bedding

Whether it's picking up a new set of sheets or redoing everything from the shams to the duvet cover, new bedding can give you a new lease on life. Not only will you be excited to get in bed at the end of the day, but you'll be extra cozy when you do. You'll get that freshly-washed sheet feeling times 100. Moreover, your bed is probably the biggest thing in your room, and whatever you choose to put on it sets the tone for the rest of your lair. Choose wisely.

2. Rugs

Not only will a rug make your room feel a little warmer, but it can totally pull your space together. If you're into all-white or subdued bedding, go for a boldly colored or patterned weave. If your duvet is where the focus is at, go for texture over tone. A sheepskin rug under your feet can make getting out of bed in the morning a lot less torturous — and goes with virtually anything else you've got going on.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors are super multifunctional and should not be ignored. While you obviously need a mirror for getting dressed, doing your makeup, and taking pre-going-out mirror pics, they can also do a lot to improve your space. Have an empty wall? Add a mirror! Small space? Mirror! Mirrors can open up your room, add light, and make a little space look significantly larger.

4. Plants

Nothing brings your room to life (literally) like some greenery. Whether you pick up a low-maintenance cactus friend or hang a bigger guy in the corner, plants can totally up your indoor energy — especially in the winter. Just make sure your plant can thrive inside, that you know how to take care of it, and that it's in the optimal space for appropriate sunlight, if needed.

5. Frames

Nothing says amateur hour dorm room like a poster hung directly on the wall. Frames can make even the most mismatched mishmosh of keepsakes look completely polished. Use frames to protect and refine your favorite posters, illustrations, and photos. This set from Urban Outfitters is only $39 for 10.

6. Get Organized

Nothing can disrupt the feel of your space like clutter and excess junk. Trash whatever you don't need and stop being a hoarder! Will you really need to reference your six-year-old notes from 11th grade calculus? Probably not. That said, there is a lot of miscellaneous riffraff we do need to keep around, and it's important to get organized. Not only will it make your life easier, but it will make your living space feel much more relaxed and inviting. A new bookshelf, mini filing cabinet, or even closet organizers are a great way to start getting it together. Storage bins that fit under your bed are also a great way to maximize space.

7. Art

If you're happy with your bedding, furniture, and lighting but still feel like something's missing, it's probably your lack of surface decor. Artwork can add a lot of personality to your room and is totally doable on any budget. Whether you're hanging your own work, a friend's photograph, family heirloom, poster, or painting, some wall candy can make your room feel way more homey and personal.

8. Pillows and Throws

As far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as too many pillows or throws. Play with color and texture to add an extra aesthetic element to your bed and enjoy your new layers when you're bundling up or reading on top of the covers. Pillows and throws are also a great way to introduce a new color to your room without overwhelming the space. Go for soft materials and pretty weaves to luxe up your space while keeping comfort a priority.

9. Lighting

If you've ever been in a fluorescent public school classroom, airplane bathroom, or supermarket, you know that lighting can make or break your mood. This room upgrade could be as simple as switching out your lightbulbs. While you want to make sure you can get enough light in the right places (i.e. where you put on your makeup or like to read), you also want to be able to hang out in your bedroom without feeling like you're being interrogated. Assess the situation and adjust with a new fixture, bulbs, or even some twinkle lights above your headboard.

10. Curtains

Curtains are another important part of getting the light right in your room. Do you like waking up to natural light or do you prefer a blackout curtain? Think about these things when choosing a weight and material, but keep in mind that the color and pattern of your curtains can make a major impact. Curtains typically cover quite a bit of space, so make sure you consider the rest of your room. Darker colors have a tendency to seem restricting, but a great print might be the way to go if you're looking to add major interest with a single element.

11. A Statement Piece

Nothing says "this is my room" like a special statement piece. I can't tell you what it should be, but it should be something you love. Maybe it's a cool vintage trunk for the foot of your bed, an original poster of your all-time favorite film, a weird piece of furniture you just couldn't say no to, or a handmade frame from that trip you took to that one memorable place. Everyone should have a piece like this that takes your room from "nice" to yours.

12. A New Scent

If you aren't in a position to invest much in your room right now, fear not. A new candle, a fresh bouquet of your favorite flowers (if the light's right), a diffuser, or room spray could be just the thing to give your space a refresher. Pick a scent you love — something that will make your room feel a little more relaxing and somewhere you really want to be. Your room should be your sanctuary, and involving all the senses is key.

Images: Fotolia; Urban Outfitters (3); ABC Carpet & Home; Anthropologie (3); West Elm (3); Jonathan Adler; Giphy