Kate Middleton Is Visiting 'Downton Abbey', So What Will She & Lady Mary Talk About?

Downton Abbey is so popular that everyone wants in on the period drama game. In fact, the show's latest visitor will probably be the most high-profile ever. The Duchess of Cambridge herself, Kate Middleton, is making a stop at the Downton Abbey set on March 12. My first question: What are Kate Middleton and Lady Mary Crawley — erm, I mean Michelle Dockery, going to talk about?!

And another questions: What will her royal highness be doing on the set? According to the palace's announcement on Thursday, Duchess Catherine's visiting Ealing Studios "to celebrate the success of the award-winning production." Cheers!

It's no secret that Dockery is in real life close mates with Kate's younger sister, Pippa. In perhaps the most British of friendship meet-cutes ever, Pippa and Dockery met a few years ago, first on the set of Downton and later, again, at Wimbledon. Of course, there's no better British place to bond than at a tennis match. But what's in store for Dockery and Kate? Will they become as fast as friends as Dockery and Pippa did?

Though we won't be lucky enough to eavesdrop on their conversation, I have some guesses as to what the two might chat about as they get to know one another. They have a lot more in common than you might think.

Flying High

Though she'll forever be known as Lady Mary Crawley, Michelle Dockery actually has quite a career outside the set of Downton. In fact, her most recent high-profile project, Dockery played a flight attendant in the thriller Non-Stop, and co-starred along with Liam Neeson and Lupita Nyong'o. BOTH of Kate Middleton's parents, Carol and Michael, were long-time flight attendants for British Airways. I'm sure the Duchess and Dockery would agree that ginger-ale is the best mile-high beverage.

Speaking Of Lupita...

Kate HAS to know that Dockery has the pleasure and privilege of being IRL friends with the glorious Lupita Nyong'o. So she'll want wants to know: Is she that beautiful and graceful in person? Does sunshine emanate from the top of her head? What kind of salad dressing does she like? She also has but one question about Liam Neeson: Is he REALLY that tall?

Men Being Pigs

Kate will lament that even though Prince William has forever lived his life as a royal, he still manages to leave his dirty socks on the floor.

Set Gossip

Naturally, Dockery will sing the praises of all of her illustrious and esteemed co-stars. There's one bit of gossip, though: she was saving a sandwich in the fridge and someone took it, and she suspects Dame Maggie Smith is the culprit.


Dockery can talk about how she hates the elaborate hats that she has to wear on the set, and Kate can try to convince her that they're not all bad, and anyway, she'll get used to it.

The #Dress

Kate saw gold and white. Michelle saw black and blue. This will get tense.

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