First Lena Dunham ‘Scandal’ Photos Are Intriguing & Will Leave You With So Many Questions — PHOTOS

When it was announced a few weeks ago that Lena Dunham would be guest-starring on Scandal in an upcoming episode, my first reaction was that it was a joke. Don't get me wrong, I love Dunham, and I'd watch her in anything — but Scandal? The same show she parodied on SNL , the one that characters on her own show, Girls, were seen watching last month? It all just seemed too meta for my taste, and my expectations were low. Yet on Thursday, when the first photos of Dunham on Scandal were released, I totally changed my mind. This guest-starring appearance might just work after all.

In photos released by The Hollywood Reporter, Dunham's character is shown entering OPA in a brown wig (we'll get to that in a minute), and then, later, speaking to both Quinn and Olivia Pope herself. According to the episode description, Dunham is likely playing a woman set on exposing the sex secrets of D.C.'s biggest power players, and judging by her expression in the photos, it doesn't look like she's too worried about the consequences. But then again, if she isn't scared, why is she seeking out protection from OPA?

That's just one of the many questions I have prompted by the photos about Dunham's role on Scandal, such as:

What's Up With Her Wig?

Drab, brown, and with oddly-shaped bangs that change in every image. Does Scandal use its entire hair budget on Olivia? Because this look is not working.

Like, Seriously, Wouldn't That Be The First Thing OPA Fixed?

"Sorry, ma'am, but we can't help you until you get yourself to a salon. Please, take my car."

Why Does She Have An Attitude?

Look at her face in those photos! It's so smug and arrogant. Is that her character's personality, or did the people at OPA do somethingto make her react like that?

What Is She Saying To Make Quinn's Face Look Like That?

Oh, it is so definitely her. Quinn is not having it.

Is She As Amazed As Dunham's SNL Character Was About OPA?

It's hard to imagine any normal person walking into OPA and not being stunned by everyone's beauty/their in-human work ethic/their ability to have glossy photos of any human being on the planet made in 30 seconds. Dunham's SNL character captured all of this perfectly, and I wonder if her Scandal character, too, will show the same amazement.

Does She Know About Fitz And Olivia?

If her character is set on exposing sex secrets in the government, would she know about the biggest one of them all? That might make things kind of awkward, you know, if she's trying to get Olivia's help.

Is Olivia Going To Have To Take Her Down?

Say Dunham's character does know about Fitz and Olivia. Or say she poses a massive threat to the government. Or say she's just super annoying and pissing off everyone at OPA. There's a real chance Olivia might have to take her down, and nothing would be more entertaining than two of pop culture's most quick-witted women sparring it out.

What Does "It's Good To Be Kink" Mean?

Clearly, the episode's title is sex-related, but is this implying that the sex scandals Dunham's character knows about are beneficial, somehow? Or does it mean something else entirely that'll only be explained 30 minutes into the episode? So many questions, so few answers. See you Mar. 19, Scandal.

Images: NBC; ABC