Kim Kardashian & Jared Leto's Blonde Hair Isn't The Only Competition There Is Between These Two

On Thursday, Kim Kardashian one-upped her sister Khloé Kardashian's blonde moment by dying her own hair bleach-blonde. But, then, in a plot twist that couldn't have been foreseen by even Patricia Arquette in Medium, Jared Leto upstaged Kim Kardashian by debuting his blonde hair at the same event Kim was at. It goes without saying that this was a bold move for the actor to make on several levels.

First off, I still hadn't adjusted to the fact that Leto cut his beloved long tresses earlier this week. I know it was for a role in Suicide Squad, but I hadn't quite finished mourning his flawless hair when he pulled this move. But, even bolder than switching things up on his fans was that Leto dared to show his platinum head at the same Paris fashion show where Kim Kardashian was debuting her new hair. I mean, it was probably a coincidence, but I'm sure Kanye West wasn't pleased — like, Leto's probably on some list now.

But, Leto and Kardashian's twin-hair status wasn't the first time Leto has upstaged the reality TV queen: Over the years he's beaten her at her own game in everything from hair to fashion. I'm sure he doesn't do it on purpose, but here we are, and here are nine times Leto upstaged Kim Kardashian.

When He Posed For This Pic

Leto's stunning and he totes stole her moment. Sorry not sorry.

When His Viral Meme Was So Much More Flattering

#JaredLetoHuggingThings was adorable. Kim K. has had her share of memes over the years, but none were very nice. She had her cry-face meme:

And then her Paper magazine butt meme:

I'd take Leto's over hers any day.

When His Bun Was Effortless

Come on, Kim. You're trying too hard.

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who Wore It Better: Scarf & Blazer Addition

Leto did. It's not really a contest when he's got this male model look going on.

When He Showed Up In Her Video Game

Not once, but twice in both the long hair and short-haired versions of himself. Shout out to the game designers for accidentally doing that!

When Leto Had Better Ombre Hair

He rocked it better than most did.

When He Was the Best of the Worst

Both Leto and Kardashian landed on Perez Hilton's worst-dressed list. But, clearly, Leto's look is the better of the two.

When He Was The Better Sock (With a Bow Tie & Everything!)

Note to self: I want Jared Leto footwear now.

When Anna Kendrick Tweeted About His Hair

She's never tweeted anything about Kim Kardashian's hair. Case closed.